Cybersecurity advisories for HMS products


Keeping your data safe!


HMS puts lot of effort into developing secure and robust products. Regardless of this, we or others detect security issues in our products from time to time. When we are aware of a security issue we will publish information about the issue here. Our goal is to have updated firmware available before we publish the information officially, this to prevent security issued to be used in exploits.

For general questions we refer to our support organization around the world. If you have detected a security issue that is not listed below, please contact us using the information under “contact”. Thank you for your cooperation.


Latest security documents

HMS Security Advisory 2019-06-19-001 Ewon Flexy-Cosy-CD Summary02 July, 2019153.36 KB Download
HMS Security Advisory 2018-12-04-001 EC150 EC250 LC310 LC350 WS100 WS200 (CVE-2018-19694)20 December, 2018150.48 KB Download
HMS Security Advisory 2017-10-23-001 Anybus Wireless BlueBorne23 October, 2017249.74 KB Download
HMS Security Advisory 2017-10-18-001 Anybus Wireless KRACK27 August, 2018106.98 KB Download
HMS Security Advisory 2017-05-24-001 WS100 WS200 EC150 EC25024 May, 2017253.87 KB Download

Contact HMS

If you would like to report a vulnerability or security issues relating to HMS products or solutions, please contact us in English on the following address:

The following public PGP key is available for encrypted communication:


Key ID: 029CE763

Key fingerprint: D2E9 27A8 4F09 B1E5 0229 466C D8BA 7B5D 029C E763

Please included affected product and firmware version and information how the vulnerability can be exploited.

This e-mail address can only be used to report security issues, for general support questions you are welcome to contact us using our standard support channels.