Connecting machines and systems in process automation

Communication for process automation

Pumps, conveyor belts, sensors, actuators, controllers – most industrial devices in process automation plants are connected. HMS products enable millions of devices to communicate on fieldbuses and industrial Ethernet as well as connect to software and systems for IoT.

Connect to any network – fieldbus or industrial Ethernet

Process automation solutions

Want to connect an older part of a processing plant to a newer system? Or embed network connectivity into an industrial device?

Anybus solutions from HMS Networks connect any device to any network.

Stay connected!

Network diagnostics

HMS may also help you with network diagnostics in process automation — health checks, reports and best paths of repair for industrial networks – all to avoid costly downtime.  

It includes permanent monitoring and troubleshooting solutions as well as services, training and tools for more robust infrastructure. 

Digitize and supervise your processes from anywhere

Remote monitoring and visualization

Ewon remote connectivity solutions allow you to connect to industrial equipment from anywhere for maintenance and troubleshooting. These solutions use industrial VPN gateways and a secure cloud to log, visualize and analyze equipment data.

Visualized dashboards make it easy to monitor even the most complex industrial processes remotely and enable quick optimizations. The end result? Enhanced overall productivity!


All you need for CAN

CAN and CANopen are the communication backbone of many industrial machines. HMS Ixxat products enable CAN communication such as PC connectivity, CAN line extension, bridges, gateways and much more.

Functional safety for process automation
Integrate functional safety – the easy way

Functional Safety

Moving machinery in a process plant needs to operate in a safe way to avoid damage. But connecting to safety networks such as CIP Safety, PROFIsafe and FSoE is complex and time-consuming. 

Ixxat Safe from HMS Networks offers the industry‘s most comprehensive product and service offerings for integrating safe IOs and communication solutions based on EN ISO 13849-1 and EN/IEC 62061. 

  • Pre-certified by TÜV Rheinland 
  • Speeds up your development process 
  • Reduces development costs and risks  
Process automation solutions

Industrial wireless solutions

Get rid of the cables! Connect machines and devices via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or cellular wireless (3G/4G/5G) to create wireless bridges or access machine data. 

Got 5G? 
Want to evaluate 5G in your plant? HMS offers 5G routers and starter kits allowing you to implement and test 5G in your site. 

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Maintaining water purity

How the ProfiTrace and ComBricks helped Rijnland District Water Control Board ensure clean water.
Connectivity to PROFIBUS and Modbus-TCP with Anybus CompactCom
Embedded network interfaces Anybus

Connectivity to PROFIBUS and Modbus-TCP with Anybus CompactCom

Prästjorden’s Water Station in Halmstad use pumps controlled by drives from CG Drives. These drives use Anybus CompactCom to communicate with both Modbus- TCP and PROFIBUS which are used in the water station.
Remote gateways Ewon

Ewon gateways enhance USEMCO's anaerobic digester facility

USEMCO, a leading manufacturer of pump stations and control systems, improves its anaerobic digester facility with Ewon industrial gateways, enabling remote access, data collection, and cost-effective solutions.



What communication is needed for Process Automation?

Communication is key for a well-functioning plant. PLC systems from an older part of the factory need to communicate with a newer part. Machines need to be accessed remotely. New machines need to be integrated. And the entire factory network needs to be monitored and failsafe. HMS offers communication solutions to solve these issues.

How can I do remote access for Process Automation?

With Ewon Remote solutions from HMS Networks, it is possible to remotely access PLC-based machines to do troubleshooting and maintenance from anywhere. The remote solutions are secure and penetration-tested and enables quick access to machines with a laptop or tablet, just like being on site.


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