HMS Professional Services

Professional Services from HMS helps projects move forward smoothly and successfully, from idea to fully implemented and deployed solutions

Available for all HMS’ brands, Professional Services open up for better understanding, design, validation and usage of HMS products and solutions within your applications.

The services are provided by HMS’ global team of skilled and experienced engineers who work together with you, providing various application engineering services, technical support and training.

Typical activities are project planning, setting up evaluation demos, creating and validating product configurations, providing guidance during field trials, and more.


Our services


Anybus Diagnostics On-site Service

Unexpected downtime as a result of faults can lead to severe losses. If you encounter a complex fault in your network, you can rely on the Service of Anybus Diagnostics. Our experts are at your disposal to get your installation up and running as quickly as possible or we explain best path or repair.


Anybus Diagnostics Online Service

Our experts can give you quick online service to avoid long traveling time. The moment the Anybus Diagnostics tools are present, we can help online. This service enables us to pin point all kinds of issues immediately for you. This way you know what to do to fix issue directly in your system.


Anybus Wireless & Infrastructure Implementation Assistance

This service speeds up design and implementation using Anybus wireless and infrastructure products. It includes assistance with configuration, guidance on best practice, wireless predictive site surveys and analyzing communication