Technical service

Anybus Diagnostics On-site Service

Unexpected downtime as a result of faults can lead to severe losses. If you encounter a complex fault in your network, you can rely on the Service of Anybus Diagnostics. Our experts are at your disposal to get your installation up and running as quickly as possible or we explain best path or repair.


Service Description

The experts will verify the network communication with our Anybus Diagnostic tools. Based on the results we will handover a detailed report with our recommendations. 

Summary of service:   

  • Professional Service Engineer on-site 
  • Visual inspection
  • Data validation
  • Signal quality
  • Detailed report with recommendations 


Pre-requisites / Customer Provides
  • Signed request form 
  • Personal Protective Equipment should be provided
  • Start travelling after purchase order received.


Time and location
  • On-site (customer)
  • Charged per day (max. 8 hours)


  • Measurements
  • Detailed report with results and recommendations


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