Remote metering in building management systems

Smart Metering for cost efficiency and accuracy

Expand the building management systems’ functionality by adding automated meter reading from electricity, water, heat, or gas consumption. The outcome will be achieving energy efficiency goals, cost savings, and maintenance optimization.

M-Bus protocol

Integrate M-Bus devices into your building management system

M-Bus, short for “Meter-Bus,” is a communication protocol used for remote meter reading and data collection from utility meters and other measuring devices.

Intesis M-Bus Protocol Translators expand your BACnet, KNX, or Modbus building management system functionality by enabling the connection of M-Bus devices, allowing the remote reading of water, gas, heat, or electricity meters.

The configuration is carried through the Intesis MAPS configuration tool, which has a scan function for the automatic detection of M-Bus devices.

Why Intesis?

Make the most of your installation with a remote metering solution

M-Bus is a widely used standard protocol for remote metering solutions. It's easy to install, has low power consumption, and can be integrated into a building management system using an Intesis M-Bus gateway, with versions available for BACnet, KNX, and Modbus protocols.

The Intesis MAPS configuration tool allows data mapping, register discovery, bus scan, and M-Bus template generation. The Protocol Translator has a built-in level converter, eliminating additional hardware costs.


Save time and money with smart metering integration

M-Bus meter reading functionality brings several advantages for building owners and users alike. It offers automated, non-intrusive, and accurate readings, enabling more frequent data collection for consumption optimization, simplified data processing, and flexible meter placement.

It also eliminates the need for extra hardware as the Protocol Translator powers the bus.

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Air-conditioning interfaces Intesis

Energy saving in retail premises with Intesis gateways

The UK’s largest pets supplies retailer is enjoying significant energy savings across its entire retail network, while ensuring that ideal animal welfare conditions are maintained at all times.


Is M-Bus the only protocol available for smart metering in building automation?

No, others such as Modbus, BACnet, or IoT protocols are also well-known for their good performance in smart metering applications. The Intesis Protocol Translators enable common connectivity among several protocols so the user can pair the combination according to the project’s needs.

It's important to choose the right protocol based on factors such as the types of devices being used, the existing infrastructure, scalability requirements, data security, and the intended applications of the building automation system. The choice of protocol can significantly impact the interoperability, efficiency, and effectiveness of the metering integration.

What type of metering data can I integrate into the BMS?

Using Intesis solutions for smart metering, additional data such as communication status, errors, bus activity, and continuous reading values can be managed from the BMS as if they are part of the control system itself.

What protocols and certifications are supported by Intesis solutions?

All the products are certified for the main protocols and markets and are ready to be used worldwide. The M-Bus smart metering integration is possible for BACnet, KNX, and Modbus protocols.

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Intesis MAPS is a Windows-based software developed to configure and monitor Intesis gateways.

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