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Under the Anybus brand, HMS offers a comprehensive range of products that ensure safe and fast industrial communication for any device – Wired or wirelessly. 

Anybus also provides products and services that offer insights into your industrial networks, ensuring their health and reliability.


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Anybus products allow you to connect to any fieldbus or Industrial Ethernet network such as PROFINET, PROFIBUS, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, CAN/CANopen, CC-Link, Modbus, EtherCAT, BACnet, CC-Link, Powerlink, and all other major industrial networks in harsh industrial conditions. 


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Connecting robot accessories to any industrial network

Robots need accessories to work efficiently. But what’s the easiest way to connect the accessories to factory networks? The easiest way is to use Anybus’ ready-made products and expertise, as RSP found out.

Maintaining water purity

How the ProfiTrace and ComBricks helped Rijnland District Water Control Board ensure clean water.
Embedded network interfaces Anybus

SVIA: Connectivity between Profibus, DeviceNet and EtherNet/IP with Anybus X-gateway

Anybus X-gateways connect DeviceNet-based robot cells to several other industrial networks. This is cheaper than using a robot cabinet with multiple networks installed and provides clear cuts between the robot cell and the factory network.

Learn more about Anybus

Connect machines to Fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet networks

Connecting automation machines

Discover our guide which describes five ways to connect to industrial networks, their pros and cons, and key things to consider.

Best Practices for Embedding Communication Interfaces

Best Practices for Embedding Communication Interfaces

Discover our tips and best practices for embedding a high-quality communication interface in your industrial devices.

Benefits of wireless technology

Join the wireless revolution!

It’s time to remove those annoying cables and enjoy the benefits of wireless technology!

Ensure network uptime and security

Ensure network uptime and security!

Benefit from the advantages of Anybus Diagnostics on reducing downtime, enhancing efficiency and increasing sustainability with proactive monitoring.

News and stories

What's happening at Anybus


The Anybus Wireless Bolt II – now supports roaming

HMS Networks is delighted to announce that the Anybus Wireless Bolt II now supports roaming, adding another important use case to its versatility. The Anybus Wireless Bolt II was already ideal for replacing cables in cell-to-cell applications or providing easy access to machines or control cabinets. With the addition of roaming support, a third use case has been added to the Bolt II’s bow.

24 Jun 2024 at 22:00
HMS Networks launches Anybus Wireless Bolt 5G and Tunnel Gateway
19 Jun 2024 at 22:00
Schneider Electric Receives the 10,000,000th Anybus Module Award from HMS Networks
12 Jun 2024 at 22:00
HMS Networks’ Anybus CompactCom Raspberry Pi Adapter Board compatible with Raspberry Pi 5!
11 Jun 2024 at 07:00
HMS Networks launches Atlas2 Plus – the next generation for network diagnostics

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