Access PLCs remotely, or connect different PLC systems

PLC communication

Access, monitor and troubleshoot PLCs remotely. Or connect machines and PLC systems from different manufacturers and enable them to communicate. HMS Networks offer several different communication solutions for PLC systems.

Access, monitor or troubleshoot PLCs from anywhere

PLC remote access

Remotely access PLC-based machines from anywhere in the world. Carry out maintenance or support operations without having to travel. Establish a secure connection in a few seconds to PLCs or HMI, just as if you were on site.

Ewon solutions are compatible with all major PLC brands like Siemens, Schneider Electric, Rockwell Automation, Mitsubishi Electric and Omron and enable: 

  • Improved machine uptime.
  • Machine performance monitoring from anywhere.
  • Cost-effective PLC remote access.
  • Reduced on-site visits, increasing sustainability .
Embedded networking solutions

Integrate multi-network connectivity into a PLC

Anybus CompactCom products are ready-made communication interfaces for fieldbus and industrial Ethernet, which you design into a PLC to give it a multi-network slave/adapter interface.  

  • Real-Time Industrial Ethernet with fast data transfer: up to 1500 bytes of process data each way with very low latency. 
  • Supports motion profiles and synchronization.  
  • Multi-network capability through just one in-design. 
Network-to-network gateways

Interconnect two PLC systems

Anybus gateways connect any two combinations of PLC systems. The gateways transfer cyclic I/O data between the two networks in a very fast way. 

There are over 400 individual network-to-network gateway versions available – compatible with all PLC brands. 

Master/Scanner interfaces for CANopen, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, EtherCAT and PROFIBUS eliminate the need for an additional PLC Master Controller. 

Serial/CAN gateways

Connect a serial or CAN-based devices to a PLC system

Connect RS-485/422/232 or CAN-based devices and machines to control systems. 

Anybus gateways perform an intelligent protocol translation that allows non-networked devices to communicate seamlessly with any PLC. Just connect, configure, and you’re done.
Wireless gateways

Wireless connection to a PLC

Connect, configure, troubleshoot, or access live data from your controllers wirelessly over Bluetooth, cellular or WLAN.  

Anybus Wireless solutions can be mounted onto a controller cabinet and connect via Ethernet, Serial RS-232/485 or CAN to the controller. Using Bluetooth, cellular or WLAN you can access the controller and its live data, all from a safe distance. 
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Case studies and testimonials

Connecting robots with Ixxat INpact interfaces
PC interface cards Ixxat

Interconnection of robots with customer higher-level systems

Yaskawa offers industry-leading, high-speed industrial robots for various fields of application. For integration into customer environments, different fieldbus networks have to be supported – this is the point where the Ixxat INpact from HMS comes into action.
Embedded network interfaces Anybus

SVIA: Connectivity between Profibus, DeviceNet and EtherNet/IP with Anybus X-gateway

Anybus X-gateways connect DeviceNet-based robot cells to several other industrial networks. This is cheaper than using a robot cabinet with multiple networks installed and provides clear cuts between the robot cell and the factory network.
Remote gateways Ewon

MAAC machinery saves 50 % of support cost using Ewon Cosy

MAAC, a Chicago-based company specializing in thermoforming machinery, enhances its global operations with Ewon's VPN gateways. The technology provides real-time remote access, improves customer service, reduces costs, and minimizes downtime.


What is PLC communication?

PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) need to communicate with their environment to control robots, drives, conveyor belts or other industrial equipment. This works well if the machinery communicates using the same communication standard as the PLC. But if it is a device from another manufacturer – some kind of protocol translator or gateway is needed.

How do you connect to a PLC remotely?

By using an Ewon remote gateway, you can connect to a PLC or machine anywhere in the world – for troubleshooting, maintenance or data extraction.

The gateway connects to the PLC using Ethernet or USB and can then establishes a secure connection to the Ewon cloud where users can access and extract information from the PLC.

Is it safe to connect to a PLC remotely?

You might think that connecting remotely to a PLC opens the door to attack vectors. However, this is not the case when you use a verified and secure outbound connection, such as that created by an Ewon VPN gateway, which has been verified and tested by independent sources. The advantages of not having to physically go on site to troubleshoot, repair or access a machine are also obvious. You can rest assured: Ewon's remote solutions are used by over 500,000 machines worldwide.

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