Access, troubleshoot and program machines remotely

Industrial remote access

Industrial remote access enables service teams to connect securely to machines controlled by programmable logic controllers (PLCs) via their PC or mobile device, from anywhere in the world. It not only reduces travel and service costs, but also increases efficiency and sustainability.

Industrial remote access
Reliable access to any PLC

Easily troubleshoot machines from anywhere

Industrial remote access enables you to access and troubleshoot machines from anywhere. It helps you provide high-quality customer support.

Connect a remote access gateway to your machine's PLC to keep your machines within reach, avoid downtime, and ensure proactive maintenance.

500,000+ machines can't be wrong

Enhance machine support with remote access

With more than 500,000 machines connected, Ewon is the world's most widely used solution for industrial remote access. Enhance remote support and machine uptime with:

  • Simple 2-click connection to any PLC or HMI
  • Easy setup and management of entire machine fleets.
  • Vendor-independent, compatible with most PLC brands (Siemens, Omron, Rockwell, Schneider Electric, etc).
  • Reliable global connectivity with high stability and security standards.
  • Compatibility with legacy (brownfield) equipment.

How does industrial remote access work?

Remote access of industrial equipment is based on two main components: 

  • A hardware gateway connected to a controlling device, such as a machine PLC or HMI (Human Machine Interface).
  • An industrial cloud service to centrally manage remote connectivity.

You can easily connect to any machine using Ethernet, serial, or USB. To create a secure outbound VPN connection, the connection is made via Ethernet, WiFi, or cellular networks.

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Remote gateways Ewon

Ewon Cosy enables Cofresco's remote maintenance solution

Cofresco, a leading manufacturer of home food storage solutions, implemented Ewon remote maintenance for efficient machine startup, standardized interfaces, and secure, user-friendly access to their automated systems.

Clean water uses clean power as proven by the Ewon Cosy

UK Power Networks Services used the Ewon Cosy to provide remote access for power quality monitoring at a critical UK water treatment plant. The Ewon Cosy cellular gateway established a secure VPN connection, enabling engineers and operators to access data from power quality monitors remotely.
Remote gateways Ewon

Unlocking the digital doorway by enabling virtual assistance

Fournier Industries Group, known for its work in water treatment and heavy industrial markets, has harnessed the power of the Ewon Cosy+ from HMS Networks to empower its workforce and streamline processes.


Why use industrial remote access?

By using a remote access solution, it becomes possible for support teams to connect securely to remote equipment via the Internet. This enables remote troubleshooting and monitoring capabilities, with significant benefits in terms of efficiency, cost reduction and sustainability.

How does the Ewon remote access solution work?

Ewon gateways are designed to be inserted into a machine's control panel and connect to automation devices such as PLCs and HMIs, via Ethernet, serial or USB interfaces. They also connect to the Internet via an Ethernet, WiFi or cellular network, to establish a secure outbound VPN connection to Talk2m, Ewon's industrial cloud. The Talk2m service acts as a secure platform, completing the encrypted VPN tunnel between the user and the remote equipment connected to the Ewon gateway.

Why can the Ewon solution be trusted?

With decades of experience and more than 500,000 registered devices, the Ewon solution has been conceived, developed and continually improved with security at the heart of the design, using a multi-layered approach based on internationally recognized security guidelines. Ewon's security is regularly audited by third-party cybersecurity organizations such as NVISO and is ISO 27001 certified.

Once remote access is established, what is the next step? 

After successfully establishing remote access to your equipment, the next step in your IIoT journey is implementing data collection. With collected data, you can engage in remote monitoring using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), alarms and dashboards. This opens the door to offering proactive services, potentially creating new revenue streams.

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Security for remote access

Security is the cornerstone of Ewon's remote solutions, with a strong commitment to safeguarding your data and connectivity. Explore our advanced security measures and enjoy peace of mind with Ewon's proven security posture.

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The next step: data monitoring

After remote access, move on to remote data monitoring with KPIs, alarms and advanced dashboarding. Implement more proactive services such as preventive maintenance.

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