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Modern buildings are like an advanced network. In order to meet demands for energy consumption and sustainability, devices and systems need to communicate with building automation systems. HMS makes it happen!

Connect air-conditioning units to any network

HVAC integration

Under the Intesis brand, HMS offers special translators for all major air-conditioning manufacturers, enabling them to get connected to any building network, such as KNX, BACnet, and Modbus.     

With multiple combinations available and an easy-to-use configuration interface (Intesis MAPS), you will be communicating in no time.

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Integrate DALI networks

Connecting lighting controls

Specialized DALI gateways enable integration of DALI networks, one of the most popular protocols for digital lighting control in smart buildings, into BACnet, Modbus, or KNX Building Management Systems.

Both integration and DALI commissioning are carried out through the Intesis MAPS configuration tool, which offers several related functions to help streamline the process.

Provide metering information to your BMS

Smart Metering

Integrate electricity, water, heat, or gas metering information into your Building Management System. This information can help you save energy, time, and money, resulting in a more efficient system overall.

Intesis gateways for BACnet, KNX, and Modbus offer scaled licenses per number of M-Bus devices so you can easily find the appropriate version for your project.

Blending two worlds

Factory to Building

With Intesis factory to building gateways, you can achieve interoperability between industrial communication protocols (Ethernet/IP, PROFINET) and BACnet/IP and MS/TP BMS systems. This brings advantages on many levels: operational efficiency, safety, data analysis, and cost savings.

Configuration is made with Intesis MAPS, which generates configuration files to simplify the configuration process when integrating with the controller software.

OCPP EV charging points integration

EV-charging connectivity

With specialized OCPP gateways, electric vehicle charging points can be easily integrated into a Modbus installation. The gateway either provides direct control to the BMS or acts as a bridge between an external OCPP Central System and the charging points, with the BMS limited to monitoring functions.

Both possibilities are configured through the Intesis MAPS configuration tool, which offers other interesting options, such as an OCPP scan to detect chargers on the network automatically.

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Smart lighting control in grocery retail market

Inelbo, specializing in indoor installations and electrical maintenance, chose Intesis as their preferred network integration provider for energy efficiency. Intesis gateways enable efficient system management, integrating diverse equipment and protocols, and are key in Inelbo's project for a major Spanish grocery franchise.

The smarter way to control your AC units

Intesis AC Cloud Control offers a cloud-based system for remote control of air conditioners, enhancing guest comfort, energy efficiency, and maintenance, compatible with various AC brands and models.

HVAC integration in a 194-apartment complex

In a project involving 194 apartments, ILEVIA implemented advanced solutions for comfort and energy savings, including lighting, shading, HVAC, and energy management. Intesis WiFi (ASCII) interfaces facilitated seamless control of Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioner units without altering apartment designs.


What Building Automation protocols does Intesis support?

Intesis products are compatible with a wide range of automation protocols, including ASCII, BACnet, KNX, and Modbus on the BMS/SCADA/Controllers/HMI segment, and BACnet, DALI, EtherNet/IP, KNX, LonWorks, M-Bus, Modbus, OCPP, and PROFINET for field devices.

What is Intesis' relationship with the different protocol organizations?

Intesis collaborates and is an active member of several protocol organizations. Intesis is part of the KNX Association, BACnet International, the DALI Alliance, and Modbus, contributing to their evolution and helping increase their adoption.

What are the benefits of using Intesis products in Building Automation Systems?

Intesis products deliver broad interoperability thanks to their support of multiple industry protocols and standards, simplifying the integration and control of several systems in their installations and providing a unified solution that is more efficient, versatile, and easy to manage.

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Intesis MAPS

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