The perfect configuration tool

Intesis MAPS

Intesis MAPS has been designed and developed in-house to provide you with a powerful, up-to-date, user-friendly tool to get all the potential of Intesis gateways.

Multi Addressing Points Solution

System integration made simple

Intesis MAPS takes the complexity out of the integration process: Create your project with a predefined template, configure the needed parameters, enable the desired signals, and check the communication between the gateway and the system.

Cut the commissioning time with advanced functions

Faster and more intuitive project configuration


Intesis gateways support scan methods to find devices in the field and import all the required data to help you work more efficiently.


Is everything ok, doc? If there is a problem or error, just use the Intesis MAPS Diagnostic tool to help you identify it and solve it.

Product Templates

Intesis provides product templates to automatically import all device data, no handwork required.

Project Templates

For every gateway there is a template providing a step by step guide on how to setup both protocol configurations.


It is always possible to read out the configuration project from the gateway and save a back-up copy in your PC.


Transform data into the format you need, e.g. adjusting offset, scaling or converting from degrees celsius into Fahrenheit.

Supports all possible protocol combinations available for our gateways

One software to rule them all


Protocol Translators

Building automation solutions for all your needs. The protocol translator gateways has been specially designed to allow bidirectional control and monitor of all parameters and functionalities of your building automation projects.

Protocol translators for building automation

AC Interfaces

Enjoy the benefit of working with one of the pioneering companies in the field of Air Conditioning integration that offers highly reliable solutions developed jointly with the most relevant AC manufacturers.

AC gateways for multi-unit indoor control

Intesis 700 Series

A common platform for building automation connectivity

The Intesis 700 Series is a family of gateways with common connectivity, where users can use the same hardware for any AC brand. Protocol integration is easily made according to the project's needs using the configuration software MAPS.

  • Stock-friendly. Multiple protocol combinations for each hardware
  • Versatility. Flexible and agile protocol translation
  • User-friendly configuration. Easy to set up with Intesis MAPS
  • Certification. Certified hardware for the main protocols and markets

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