Collect and monitor machine data remotely

Machine data monitoring

Collect and monitor IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) data on user-friendly dashboards, with KPIs and alarms to prevent downtime. Easily visualize your machines, systems, and sensors remotely. Implement and scale your industrial applications swiftly, with easy data integration.

Machine data monitoring
IIoT – easy and secure

Monitor industrial data remotely

By using remote connectivity, you can easily collect and monitor data to kick-start your IIoT journey. Combined with remote data gateways, an industrial cloud such as Talk2m facilitates data collection and provides free visualization tools. You can also extend your solution for more data and functionality if required.

  • Easily monitor KPIs and receive alarms if a problem occurs on a machine.
  • Visualize data – Visual dashboards of historical data, notifications and reports.
IIoT data monitoring: How it works

What is machine data monitoring?

A machine data monitoring solution is based on two key elements:

  • A hardware gateway that connects to a machine, system or sensor and logs data.
  • A cloud or IIoT platform to centralize and visualize data, enabling valuable information and insights.

Industrial machines generate large amounts of data. Ewon data gateways – Flexy and Netbiter – and their IIoT platforms make it possible to leverage this data for visualization, reporting and analysis. 

Remote management of isolated equipment

Monitor field installations worldwide

Connect a remote gateway to monitor and control your field installations (such as power generators) from anywhere. Easily track performance data, receive alarms for issues in the field and program your equipment remotely. The result is substantially reduced service costs and better management of your equipment —  from day one.  

This can be achieved using a ruggedized Ewon Netbiter gateway and the Argos IIoT cloud.

Visualize data in a modular, scalable platform

Make data-driven decisions with IIoT

Combined with an Ewon Flexy or Netbiter, an all-in-one IIoT platform such as i4connected can be used to collect and streamline data from various plants, buildings, machines and equipment around the world.

i4connected lets you create powerful metrics and dashboards to make better decisions and improve operational efficiency.

    Video case study

    Visualizing data from food processing machines

    See how Swedish manufacturer Lagafors has used Ewon remote solutions to help their customers monitor and visualize machine data.

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    Remote gateways Ewon

    Ewon Netbiter improves VRTX’s offering to customers

    VRTX Technologies in San Antonio, Texas delivers world-class treatment systems for cooling water used in HVAC, process cooling, and refrigeration systems. Ewon Netbiter helped them improve their offering.
    Remote gateways Ewon

    Data analytics give vertical hoists a lift up into the future!

    RAXTAR, a global provider of vertical access hoists, relies on data analytics and HMS Networks' Ewon Flexy 205 gateway for predictive maintenance and performance optimization. They plan to explore AI models, including anomaly detection, for future enhancements.
    Remote gateways Ewon

    Complete automation of water reservoir operation through remote monitoring

    The American town of Port Orchard faced a major challenge when communication to their water reservoir was cut, disrupting water management. To address this, HMS Networks introduced the Ewon Flexy 205, initially met with skepticism but later recognized for its benefits.


    What's the next step after data collection for machine manufacturers?

    The next step is to integrate the data into your systems and start implementing preventive maintenance. This strategic approach, fueled by analyzed equipment data, informs your decisions regarding maintenance frequency, resources allocation, processes, chronology, and preventive measures to minimize the risk of future downtime.

    I've implemented preventive maintenance. Can I enhance it even further?

    Absolutely. Next up in your IIoT journey is predictive maintenance. It uses algorithms to analyze historical data, foreseeing future issues and allowing proactive actions. Going a step further, there's prescriptive maintenance, using advanced models and artificial intelligence to evaluate scenarios and provide specific solutions for improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and increased asset reliability.

    Can I really trust Ewon solutions when it comes to handling data?

    You can. Ewon follows a robust cyber security strategy aligning with the most stringent standards i.e. ISO 27001, IEC 62443, and NIST Cyber security Framework. Its layered security approach includes network segregation, device authentication, firewall protection, encrypted VPN sessions and user management with two-factor authentication. Ewon guarantees reliability with top-notch hardware security, a redundant infrastructure and even offers a Service Level Agreement (SLA) ensuring 99.5% service availability.

    Is there a vendor lock-in with HMS' IoT solutions, or can I use other platforms?

    There's no vendor lock-in with HMS IoT solutions. Our solutions are designed to seamlessly communicate with other platforms, offering you the flexibility to integrate and collaborate across a diverse range of systems.

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