Case studies


Connecting robot accessories to any industrial network

Robots need accessories to work efficiently. But what’s the easiest way to connect the accessories to factory networks? The easiest way is to use Anybus’ ready-made products and expertise, as RSP found out.

Energy saving in retail premises with Intesis gateways

The UK’s largest pets supplies retailer is enjoying significant energy savings across its entire retail network, while ensuring that ideal animal welfare conditions are maintained at all times.

Efficient monitoring of wastewater pumping stations with Ewon Flexy

Aquaflot used the Ewon Flexy to collect crucial data from a wastewater treatment plant, enabling efficient design and cost savings in pump station renovation, while ensuring remote access for data monitoring.

Ewon Netbiter enables online monitoring of hybrid energy production

Hybrid solar power plants realize the Industrial Internet of Things using cloud-based remote management. By using the Ewon Netbiter remote solution, Dubai-based power provider Enerwhere can keep track of their hybrid energy systems 24/7.

Making energy savings measurable

The Cinergy Telecoms Wind Tower combines a telecom antenna with a wind turbine for energy self-sufficiency. Ewon Netbiter's remote management solution enables real-time energy savings tracking, benefiting telecom companies like Cinergy. Netbiter connects sensors, communicates via Modbus, and sends data to the Argos data center for secure storage.
Ixxat Safe T100 - Opening the door to more tightly integrated safety

Opening the door to more tightly integrated safety

Safety is an essential element of the operational matrix, as information from safety systems has effect on productivity. Integration into existing infrastructures becomes commonplace as end users look to create unified channels for information.

Anybus CompactCom Helps Increase Efficiency in Automated Container Ports

When BTG needed their IRM400 range of positioning measurement systems to send real-time data over different industrial networks, they called Anybus. And that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

APM Terminals: Modbus-TCP connectivity with Anybus Communicator

The Anybus Communicator CAN is used to enable communication between the CAN-bus in straddle carriers and a Modbus TCP-based monitoring system. Also, a programmable Communicator is used to connect GPS trackers (NMEA-based) to the CAN-bus of the straddle carriers.

Intesis AC Interfaces for data centers

Data centers require stable temperatures for optimal performance. Standard HVAC systems lack security, energy efficiency, and monitoring. Intesis offers solutions for enhanced control and efficiency.

AC Control in Control4 showrooms

A home automation showroom in the heart of Chelsea is making extensive use of Intesis Wi-Fi communication interfaces to reduce hard wiring and enable easy and frequent reconfiguration.
Fortress Interlocks Safety Lock

Easy PROFIsafe integration into safety interlocks

How Fortress Interlocks integrated functional safety communication into their amGardpro series by using industrial communication solutions from HMS.

Remote maintenance transformation at Bosch with Ewon technology

In Lollar, Germany, Bosch KWK Systems utilizes Ewon remote gateways for efficient maintenance of their advanced heat and power units. These units, maximizing energy from natural gas sources, require remote software updates and maintenance, especially in remote locations without broadband.

HVAC integration in a 194-apartment complex

In a project involving 194 apartments, ILEVIA implemented advanced solutions for comfort and energy savings, including lighting, shading, HVAC, and energy management. Intesis WiFi (ASCII) interfaces facilitated seamless control of Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioner units without altering apartment designs.

Berg Propulsion: Connectivity from Modbus-RTU to CAN in propeller display

Berg Propulsion could connect a CAN-based propeller display to their control system for boats which uses Modbus-RTU. By using the Anybus Communicator CAN, the systems now communicate seamlessly.

Maximizing efficiency and savings in retail automation

Retail automation projects are on the rise, focusing on HVAC, lighting, and energy meter control. Intesis offers solutions for seamless integration, optimizing energy usage, cost reduction, and enhanced customer experience.

IAS Inc. takes advantage of a new business model by selling troubleshooting as a service

IAS Inc., an automation engineering company, partners with Ewon to provide remote monitoring and troubleshooting services, enhancing customer support, saving costs, and maximizing up-time.

AFA Systems streamlines automation with Ewon technology

AFA Systems, a Brampton-based packaging automation solutions provider, uses Ewon Cosy for remote automation tuning, reducing costs and improving customer service. Ewon simplifies communication and programming updates.

Smart lighting control in grocery retail market

Inelbo, specializing in indoor installations and electrical maintenance, chose Intesis as their preferred network integration provider for energy efficiency. Intesis gateways enable efficient system management, integrating diverse equipment and protocols, and are key in Inelbo's project for a major Spanish grocery franchise.