5 reasons to invest in HMS

With a solid track record and technologies for the future, HMS is well-positioned for future growth.


Sustainability and ethical responsibility

Our constant focus is to continue to develop solutions that help our customers reduce their resource utilization and energy consumption while increasing productivity. This is an area where HMS can really make a difference for society.


Design Wins = Recurring business

A Design Win is when a device manufacturer decides to integrate an HMS communication product in their device. Thousands of device manufacturers have standardized on HMS technology. This creates recurring revenue for many years.


Solid track record of growth

Sustainable growth is in the DNA of HMS. We have been growing organically and through acquisitions since the start and have an annual growth target of 20%.


Pioneering technology

The machines of the future will be connected — and HMS makes it happen. We are working with the latest technologies in 5G, AI, Industrial IoT and Ethernet to pioneer new innovations.


Close to the customers

We continue to increase our market presence, not only by adding more resources to our major markets such as Germany, the US and Japan, but also through new initiatives such as our new offices in Vietnam, Singapore, Seoul and Dubai.

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Invest in HMS

HMS has a strong business vision, and a proven track record of growth and innovation.

The HMS share

The Board is responsible for how the company is organized and for administration of the company’s affairs on behalf of the owners.

Financial development

Corporate governance is instrumental in development of HMS’ shareholder values and investor confidence.

About us

HMS create products that enable industrial equipment to communicate and share information with software and system.