Technical support for HMS products

HMS technical support provides you with everything you need to get your Anybus, Ewon, Intesis or Ixxat product to run perfectly - manuals, software, knowledgebase articles, videos, configuration files, trainings, services and more.

Find support by product group

Cloud server status

The cloud server status page provides our customers with direct information about our cloud servers. This includes information like scheduled maintenance or potential issues discovered. To view the full list of server information details please click the link below.

Product and security alerts

To subscribe to technical updates or security alerts for our products click the button below to register in our HMS Customer and Distributor Information Service.


HMS Professional Services

Professional Services from HMS helps customers with any type of assistance needed in addition to the products bought from HMS. The Professional Services page offers a list of all services we provide.

Typical activities are project planning, setting up evaluation demos, creating and validating product configurations, providing guidance during field trials, and more.


Training with HMS Academy

Training from HMS Academy reduces the total cost and time of your project and gives improved quality and efficiency of the solution.

HMS offers trainings related to products, technologies and more. This could be in the form of an onsite training, online training or by running one of our eLearning sessions.

If you need additional help


Contact support

Please get in contact with one of our distributors, carefully selected partners who can provide first-line support for HMS' products and solutions in the local language.

If you are unable to find a distributor for your country or have bought the product directly from HMS, you can always contact HMS through the HMS Support portal


Discuss in the HMS forum

If you would like to discuss with other people with the same interest please reach out through our forum


Return a product

If the product is broken or was incorrectly ordered and should be returned to HMS please visit our RMA pages.

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Download common software and drivers

To download the most common software and drivers visit this page. For all other files visit the support tab on each product page.

Cybersecurity measures

HMS puts lot of effort into developing secure and robust solutions. Regardless of this, we or others detect security issues in our products from time to time. To view all security advisors or report an issue visit the Cybersecurity pages.

Legacy products

To find information about HMS' legacy products or find a suitable replacement product please visit our legacy support page.

Lifespan of a product

HMS Industrial Networks (HMS) develops products that are meant to stay on the market for a long time, often more than 10 years. To manage the products in a structured way during the lifetime, HMS has established a product lifecycle policy over a series of product lifecycle phases.