Remote access security

Secure remote access to industrial equipment

Secure remote access to industrial machines safeguards equipment against unauthorized access and cyber threats, ensuring system integrity. Ewon's solutions prioritize security, integrity, and reliability by implementing best practices to protect your information and assets at all times.

Security as a first priority

Security measures for remote connectivity

Drawing on the expertise of HMS Networks, Ewon's remote connectivity solution is based on a solid, comprehensive architecture. Its components meet the industry's most stringent security requirements:

  • Talk2m industrial cloud, a global VPN service for simple, secure management of users and devices.
  • Ewon gateways, featuring advanced hardware security technology.
  • Advanced security approach, based on a multi-level, layered strategy. 
Your ally in strengthening your cybersecurity

A step further with IEC 62443-4-2

Ewon by HMS Networks enjoys an even wider recognition in the field of cybersecurity. NVISO, an independent testing organization, assessed our remote access solution Ewon Cosy+ against IEC 62443-4-2 standards. In a nutshell, we can say that installing this device on your machines helps you to strengthen the security of your installations.
Multiple levels of security

Layered approach to remote access security

To ensure the absolute security of its industrial connectivity solutions, Ewon has developed multi-level hybrid cybersecurity measures for all of its products.

Security layers:
  • Layer 1 – Security of the Ewon gateway/hardware
  • Layer 2 - Firewall
  • Layer 3 - Traffic encryption
  • Layer 4 - User and access management
  • Layer 5 - Network infrastructure
  • Layer 6 - Policy compliance

Thanks to service level agreement, top quality hardware and redundant infrastructure, Ewon is both highly secure and reliable.

High compliance with IT policies

IT-approved secure remote access

By combining security and ease of use, Ewon creates solutions that meet the requirements of both users and IT departments:

  • Firewall friendly: Ewon devices create a secure VPN tunnel to Industrial cloud VPN servers over the factory LAN, without requiring any incoming connection.
  • Network segregation: Remote access is limited only to the devices connected to the LAN of the Ewon gateway.
  • Connection audit trail: A connection report is available for account administrators to check which users were connected to which devices,  when and for how long. 
  • Multi-factor authentication: Along with the User/Password, it is possible to add a second layer of security with a key sent by SMS that changes at each login.
  • Local control: Control over remote access is maintained through the use of a Key Switch or HMI physical button connected to the Ewon device's digital input. 
Demonstrated information security measures

ISO 27001 certified solution

The Ewon solution is ISO 27001 certified and its scope covers both Talk2m cloud service and Ewon gateways. To ensure the highest level of security, we are audited annually by an independent body.

Ewon's Information Security Management System (ISMS) ensures that::

  • Information security is a priority for the company.
  • All security issues/threats are identified and dealt with appropriately.
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery are regularly tested.
  • Ongoing training of staff and engineering teams to ensure optimum technical expertise.  


How does Ewon's remote access solution ensure secure communications?

Ewon ensures security through compatibility with existing networks, encrypted traffic using modern protocols, and strong hardware security features. For example, Cosy+ gateways incorporate a certified secure element chip, establishing a hardware root of trust. This is one of the most advanced hardware security technology available today. 

Are there security measures for user and device management?

Yes. Ewon's remote access solution offers centralized management (Talk2m acts as a global service, enabling you to manage all aspects of your connectivity in one single place). It provides multi-factor authentication as well as an audit trail of connections for traceability. Every component of the remote connectivity remains under your control.

Are Ewon remote solutions always up to date with the latest security measures?

Ewon works closely with an independent cybersecurity company, NVISO, to ensure its remote access solution is constantly adapating to the evolving security landscape. 

VIDEO: Ewon and NVISO partner to bring IIoT security to new levels

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