Communication solutions for transport and infrastructure

Transport and infrastructure communication

Road, rail, maritime and traffic infrastructure demand robust communication solutions to cater for the specific demands in each field. HMS communication solutions have for many years been successfully implemented in different infrastructure products. CAN communication, network connectivity, remote access and wireless solutions are some of the issues we solve.

Connect CAN-based devices and systems

CAN communication for transport and infrastructure

CAN is a widely used protocol within transport and infrastructure. Ixxat repeaters, bridges and gateways increase communication reliability, enable interconnection between different networks and can be used to provide secure service access points. They are specially designed to work in trains and moving machines under harsh conditions. 

Ixxat Protocol Software for CAN, CANopen and J1939 can be implemented directly on the microcontroller and provide all required communication functions. HMS also offers implementation and development services of protocol stacks and APIs. 

Go wireless!

Robust wireless solutions — ideal for moving equipment

Get rid of the cables! Connect machines and devices via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or cellular wireless (3G/4G/5G) to create wireless bridges or access machine data. 

Got 5G?
Want to evaluate 5G in your site? HMS offers 5G routers and starter kits allowing you to implement and test 5G. 

Connect to any network – fieldbus or industrial Ethernet

Industrial network connectivity

Want to network a machine or vehicle? Anybus solutions get you connected to any network — via embedded communication interfaces or free-standing gateways.

Communication for moving equipment – highly customized

Owasys - Remote monitoring and control of mobile machinery

Owasys - Remote monitoring and control of mobile machinery. 

Spanish Owasys is a part of the HMS group and offers wireless communication to enable remote monitoring and control of mobile machinery. 

Owasys solutions are highly customizable and designed for heavy-duty applications in harsh environments. It allows for fleet management and vehicle control.

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Synchronizing red light cameras with Ixxat CANblue II
Network gateways Ixxat

Synchronizing red light cameras with Bluetooth

Traffic cameras have proven to be a very effective way to lower speed and decrease traffic violations. The Sensys Gatso Group in the Netherlands is a leading manufacturer of traffic cameras and is constantly using new, innovative technology.
Network gateways Anybus

Guangzhou metro: Connectivity to ControlNet with Anybus Communicator

Anybus Communicators enable communication between different devices in Guangzhou Metro’s surveillance system. The gateways enable all devices to connect to the BAS-system which is based on ControlNet.


How can I connect CAN-based equipment in transportation & Infrastructure?

Ixxat solutions from HMS Networks enable analysis of CAN data for a wide range of applications, either PC-based, stand-alone or remote. You can do simple hand-held installation tests, requiring very little CAN knowledge, but you can also do highly advanced data analysis, signal interpretation and logging. 

How can I save money on communication in transportation & Infrastructure?

Communication solutions can reduce energy usage and minimize downtime in transportation applications substantially. By monitoring temperatures, levels, running hours etc. you can safeguard the health of your machinery. Avoiding production stops and costly downtime.

How can I connect to infrastructure machinery in a secure way?

Ewon solutions from HMS are certified according IEC 62443 and ISO 27001 standards. This remote access solution implements the latest security technology to secure production from external threats.

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