Making machines talk in food and beverage processing plants

Communication for food and beverage processing

A food processing plant contains many different machines and systems. HMS solutions enable them to communicate in an efficient, secure and sustainable way. Industrial networking, remote access, machine data visualization, connecting to safety networks and much more.

What can you do?

HMS communication solutions allow you to:

  • Connect machines to any network
  • Ensure uptime with network diagnostics
  • Trace and digitize food production
  • Do remote maintenance
  • Optimize energy use
Connect industrial machines, devices and networks

Network connectivity for food and beverage processing

Food processing lines are usually made of a unique combination of machines for dosing, mixing, kneading, heating etc. The machines come from many manufacturers using different communication technologies. 

Anybus solutions from HMS Networks enable food and beverage machines to communicate on any industrial network.

Stay connected!

Network diagnostics

Complex network communication technologies and lack of specialized staff are challenges for maintenance teams. High pressure cleaning processes leads to leaks sooner or later, and electrical and earthing problems also cause machine downtime.

HMS helps you to monitor your factory network and quickly identify and solve issues to avoid costly production downtime.


Food production tracing and digitalization

Food production traceability requires a controlled process with constant access to machine data. For example, a fast reaction when the temperature of a cooling chamber is getting out of range is critical to reduce waste.

Ewon remote solutions from HMS help you gather data from your machines, even legacy ones, and visualize this data on screen. You get access to all information about your machine and get notified of specific events via email or text messages.

OPC UA or cloud connectivity allows you to centralize data to optimize production quality and efficiency — any data, any time, anywhere.


Energy usage optimization

Minimize your energy bill and meet the increasing demands for sustainability and energy optimization. Heating and cooling equipment are big energy consumers but so is other building equipment.

HMS communication solutions help you to network and collect energy information from any machine or device, to create energy consumption reports and define your optimization potential and strategies.

See how Lagafors in Sweden can remotely access their cleaning systems for food processing.

Remote maintenance

Machines for packaging, bottling etc. are getting faster, more flexible and more complex. Quick reaction time and highly skilled maintenance staff is needed to troubleshoot them.  

HMS simplifies the service procedure for production machinery with easy and secure 24/7 remote access for machines.

HMS TechTalk

Communication in food and beverage processing

Thierry Bieber, Industry Manager at HMS Networks discusses current trends and technologies in food and beverage processing. 

  • How to connect new and old machinery in a food plant?
  • What is the best way to do remote access in food and beverage?
  • How to ensure that the factory network does not go down?
  • How can communication enable traceability throughout the process?
  • How can you save energy and meet sustainability demands?
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Softtec: Wireless technology makes life easier in bakery

Anybus Wireless Bolt enables wireless PROFINET I/O communication over Bluetooth -between a rotating baking machine and the control cabinet.

Seiko, packing its machines with new added value!

Seiko, a packaging and bottling machine manufacturer, improves customer support and operational efficiency by implementing Ewon's secure remote connectivity solution, reducing downtime, and offering remote monitoring services.

Coca-Cola SCMC implements remote production line maintenance by using Ewon Flexy

Coca-Cola SCMC, responsible for supply chain management of Coca-Cola's still beverages, implemented Ewon's remote solution, combining the Ewon Flexy 205 gateway with Talk2m pro, to enable remote maintenance of PLC and HMI equipment.


What are the most common protocols in food & beverage processing?

Different networks and protocols are used in different parts of the world. But according to our study of the factory automation market, EtherNet/IP and Profinet are the major Industrial Ethernet protocols globally, while Profibus is the leading fieldbus. Both Industrial Ethernet and Wireless is growing.

How can I save money on communication for food and beverage processing?

Communication solutions can reduce energy usage and minimize downtime in food and beverage plants substantially. By monitoring temperatures, levels, running hours etc. you can make sure you don’t use more resources than necessary and also safeguard the health of your food and beverage machinery. Avoiding production stops and costly downtime.

How can I connect to food and beverage machinery in a secure way?

Strong OT Cybersecurity is a central element for the digitalization of any food or beverage production plant.

Ewon solutions from HMS are certified according IEC 62443 and ISO 27001 standards. This remote access solution implements the latest security technology to secure production from external threats.

Also, HMS network diagnostics tools spot external and internal security threats within production lines.


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