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Supervise and control your power generators online easily and securely. Make sure your genset is ready to start when needed! No matter which brand of control panel you are using, get quick online access to your field equipment, 24/7/365.

Turnkey remote management solution

Supervise power generators anywhere, anytime

Easily access and monitor your power generators remotely, at any given time. Ewon Netbiter gateways together with the Argos IIoT cloud is a complete end-to-end solution to provide easy monitoring and management of remote installations in the field.

By understanding when, how and if equipment is operating, you will be able to make better decisions regarding maintenance and take actions when necessary.

Proactive monitoring

Optimize power generation remotely

Once an Ewon Netbiter gateway is connected and switched on, it will automatically start to send field data to the Argos cloud (such as temperature, fuel levels, oil pressure, etc).  If anomalies or issues arise, the system triggers notifications, enabling you to take necessary actions.

Leverage Netbiter Argos powerful remote capabilities and data analysis to reduce operating costs of power generators!

HMS TechTalk: Anders Stålheden explains what you can gain with remote management of Power Generators.

Efficient and cost-effective

Quick return on investment

Remote management of power generators enable cost reductions, extended equipment life, and improved service planning.

As the costs of a Netbiter gateway align with a single service visit, ROI can be as short as a few weeks, or even days.

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Remote gateways Ewon

Ewon Netbiter transforms generator maintenance for JS Power

JS Power, a British company specializing in backup power generators, faces challenges in remotely monitoring critical parameters across Europe. They implement the Ewon Netbiter solution to enhance monitoring, enable remote starting, and improve preventive maintenance.
Remote gateways Ewon

Ewon Netbiter enables online monitoring of hybrid energy production

Hybrid solar power plants realize the Industrial Internet of Things using cloud-based remote management. By using the Ewon Netbiter remote solution, Dubai-based power provider Enerwhere can keep track of their hybrid energy systems 24/7.
Remote gateways Ewon

Netbiter enhances power generator monitoring for Azercell in Azerbaijan

Azercell, a mobile telecommunications company in Azerbaijan, faces the challenge of maintaining backup power generators. They turn to NetService and the Netbiter remote management solution to monitor and control 450 mobile base station generators.


How can you avoid expensive service trips for field installations?

By using an Ewon Netbiter gateway and its included Argos cloud, you can access and track the performance of your genset online, and receive alarms if something is wrong, eliminating the need for expensive service trips.

What advantages does Netbiter Argos offer for PowerGen?

It's main advantage is probably its ease of use. In just a few minutes, you'll be able to remotely monitor and track the performance of your equipment, receive alerts of potential problems and program your power generators, all of which will help you increase efficiency and accomplish cost savings.

Why should I chose Netbiter Argos specifically?

Ewon Netbiter Argos is a targeted product.  We have focused the development to provide features that are valuable to customers that want to monitor remote field equipment. Argos IoT Cloud is a self contained IoT management solution containing tools for visualization, alarming and reporting.  With a database containing hundreds of premade templates for field equipment, setup and deployment of remote sites could not be easier.  

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