Access packaging equipment remotely

Packaging automation solutions

Lower production costs and improve packaging processes by remotely connecting to your packaging equipment. Troubleshoot issues from afar, monitor performance, predict downtime.

Packaging machine connectivity

Remote monitoring of packaging equipment made easy

Prevent downtime and keep an eye on how everything is working with Ewon remote solutions.

Packaging machines play an essential role in a process, whether it's filling, labeling or sealing. If one part of the packaging process goes wrong, it can disrupt the whole system and lead to considerable losses. That's why remote connection and monitoring of your packaging equipment is so valuable.

Troubleshoot packaging machines from anywhere

Easily track packaging operations remotely

Remote solutions enable packaging machine manufacturers to monitor and troubleshoot machine operation remotely. This minimizes the need for on-site visits, saving time and reducing downtime. Ewon solutions offer a wide range of possibilities:

  • Establish remote access to a wide range of PLCs and HMIs. 
  • Diagnose and program equipment from a distance.
  • Quickly get machine performance data displayed in web-based dashboards.
  • Receive alerts in case of anomalies.
Empowering packaging industry players

Competitiveness through proactive services

With a remote connectivity solution, packaging machine builders receive immediate alerts in the event of a machine failure. This enables them to react quickly, reduce downtime and prevent potential losses.

This connectivity offers packaging industry players the opportunity to upgrade the quality of their service, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and a greater competitive advantage in their field.

Industrial network connectivity for packaging machines

Connect packaging machines to any network

Need to connect packaging machinery? Anybus solutions from connect any type of packaging machine to any network.

You can integrate an embedded communication interface or use a free-standing gateway to connect your machine.

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Case studies and testimonials


Seiko, packing its machines with new added value!

Seiko, a packaging and bottling machine manufacturer, improves customer support and operational efficiency by implementing Ewon's secure remote connectivity solution, reducing downtime, and offering remote monitoring services.
Remote gateways Ewon

Ewon Cosy enables Cofresco's remote maintenance solution

Cofresco, a leading manufacturer of home food storage solutions, implemented Ewon remote maintenance for efficient machine startup, standardized interfaces, and secure, user-friendly access to their automated systems.
Remote gateways Ewon

Enhancing label printing efficiency with Ewon remote access

CODIMAG improved productivity and reduced maintenance costs by implementing the Ewon remote access system. This solution allows remote monitoring and troubleshooting, benefiting both customers and engineers.


Why use remote connectivity for your packaging equipment? 

The use of remote monitoring with packaging machines enables the proactive resolution of problems like alignment issues or imbalance by making configuration adjustments. It also facilitates timely maintenance for damaged bearings or other rotating parts, ultimately leading to increased overall productivity in your packaging operations.

How to improve your packaging processes efficiency

Within packaging processes, interruptions may arise at multiple stages, such as filling, sorting, stacking, and weighing. When any of these stages is impacted, the entire production chain is affected, resulting in reduced productivity.

The capacity to remotely supervise and visually track each of these steps and promptly address machine issues, or even anticipate them, represents a significant competitive edge for machine builders. Ewon remote solutions can effectively and securely address their requirements, ultimately enhancing both productivity and throughput.

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