Here's how HMS can help you get your machine connected:



Remote access

Establish a secure tunnel to your machine's PLC to do programming from anywhere. Use your standard PLC software, just as if you were on site.

eWON Cosy & Flexy 


Remote Management

Monitor and control your machine via the web. View machine status in an online dashboard and get alarms if something happens. IIoT made easy!

eWON Netbiter 


Wireless Communication

Get your machine connected via WLAN or Bluetooth. This makes it possible for users to bring their own tablets as HMIs. 

Anybus Wireless Bolt & Bridge 


Multi-network connectivity

Connect your machine to any network! With Anybus gateways, you can use any PLC in your machine and still connect to any industrial network in any factory.

Anybus Gateways 


Embed multi-network connectivity

Plug in an Anybus CompactCom into your machine to communicate with any industrial network. Versions available for all major networks.

Anybus embedded 


CAN infrastructure

IXXAT CAN bridges, repeaters and gateways enable CAN-based devices to communicate — inside or outside machines.

IXXAT CAN repeaters, bridges and gateways 


PC Interfaces

If you have an industrial PC controlling your machine, you can use an IXXAT PC interface to communicate with CAN or an industrial network.

IXXAT PC interfaces for CAN
IXXAT INpact for any industrial network 


Functional safety

The IXXAT Safe offering includes hardware and software for connecting to PROFIsafe, CIP safety, FSoE etc.



Communication expertise

With more than 25 years of experience within industrial communication, HMS expertise is at your service for any communication issue.

HMS services and customized solutions