HMS solutions for Machine Builders

Modern machines are required to communicate. HMS helps machine builders get connected to surrounding systems, industrial networks and the Internet.

IIoT solutions for machine builders


Remote access and data

Configure, troubleshoot and monitor machines from anywhere.

Ewon remote solutions


Remote monitoring

Monitor and control power generators, tanks, solar panels etc. Ready-made dashboards and pre-configurations.

Ewon Netbiter





Any machine to any network

Connect a machine to any industrial network.

Anybus gateways


Embedded connectivity

Embed Anybus technology in your machine — communicate on any fieldbus or industrial Ethernet network.

Anybus Embedded


Wireless connectivity

Connect machines via Bluetooth or Wireless LAN.

Anybus Wireless


Functional safety

Connect machines to safety networks such as PROFIsafe, FSoE and CIP Safety.

Ixxat Safe


Embedded control

CAN interfaces and repeaters. Bridges and gateways for in-machine communication.

Ixxat embedded control



Connecting AC-interfaces

Gateways for connecting air-conditioning units to any building automation network.

Intesis gateways

See how these Machine Builders got connected using HMS technology

Ewon Case Study

Swatab: Saving the world with washing machines

Ewon Flexy is used to monitor eco-friendy washing machines
Ewon Case Study

VTRX: Monitoring cooling machines

Netbiter is used to remotely monitor and control the PLCs in VRTX’s treatment systems for cooling water.
Anybus Case Study

1080 Motion: Athlete testing — no strings attached

Anybus Wireless Bridge enables data from 1080 Motion’s neuromuscular testing machines to be transferred wirelessly for immediate display.
Anybus Case Study

JSI: Always connected, always sharp

JSI has built an automated slitting machine with robotic blade changers. HMS technology gets the machine connected —in several different ways.

Featured products for Machine Builders


Ewon Cosy or Flexy + Talk2M

Remote data collection and monitoring of machines.

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Anybus Gateways

Connect machines to Industrial Ethernet, fieldbus and wireless networks.

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Ixxat Embedded Control

PCI-cards, repeaters and bridges for CAN-based communication.

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Anybus Edge and HMS Hub™

Connect machines to the Internet! Edge intelligence and cloud connectivity for industrial equipment.

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Leverage on HMS communication expertise 

With more than 30 years of experience in industrial communication, HMS expertise is at your service for any machine communication issue. 

Work with the technological leader

At HMS you will find many of the world's foremost experts on industrial communication and remote solutions. This expertise is at your disposal all the way from the first analysis of your requirements through product support.

With more than 30% of the staff involved in Research & Development, HMS can constantly pioneer new technology and easily customize solutions for specific needs.

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