HMS solutions for Device Manufacturers

Drives, robot controllers, I/O blocks, HMI, weight scales — all industrial devices need to be connected!

Device Manufacturers Solutions:


Multinetwork connectivity

There are more than 20 different industrial networks being used on factory floors across the world. Anybus solutions allow device manufacturers to connect to them all — industrial Ethernet as well as fieldbuses. Includes IoT connectivity over OPC UA, MQTT and more.

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Functional safety

Ixxat Safe offers a fast, cost-effective and easy safety implementation, including ready-made IO modules, stacks and engineering services.

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State-of-the art technology and functions for secure device communication in industrial networks and IoT systems, built on 30+ years of experience.

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See how these device manufacturers got connected using HMS technology

Anybus Case Study

Flexicon: DeviceNet and Profibus connectivity with Anybus CompactCom

Flexicon's closed loop peristaltic pump controller, the MC100, uses Anybus CompactCom for multi-network connectivity.
Anybus Case Study

VAT Vakuumventile: CC-Link connectivity with Anybus CompactCom

CC-Link communication is key to accessing Asian markets. Thanks to Anybus CompactCom, it is easily implemented and all features are fully supported.
Ixxat Case Study

Fortress Interlocks: Easy PROFIsafe integration

IXXAT Safe T100 and Anybus CompactCom are used to enable safety interlock systems to communicate with safety networks.
Anybus Case Study

CG Drives: Connectivity to PROFIBUS and Modbus-TCP with Anybus CompactCom

CG Drives use Anybus CompactCom to communicate with both Modbus- TCP and PROFIBUS which are used by pumps in a water station.

Featured products for Device Manufacturers


Anybus CompactCom 

Multinetwork connectivity with chips, bricks and modules

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Anybus CompactCom IIoT Secure

Secure device connectivity to IoT systems via MQTT and OPC UA

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Ixxat T100

Ready-made safety in a bundled solution with Anybus CompactCom

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With more than 30 years of experience in industrial communication, HMS expertise is at your service for any machine communication issue. 

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At HMS you will find many of the world's foremost experts on industrial communication and remote solutions. This expertise is at your disposal all the way from the first analysis of your requirements through product support.

With more than 30% of the staff involved in Research & Development, HMS can constantly pioneer new technology and easily customize solutions for specific needs.

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