Push Data to the OSIsoft® PI System® 

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OSIsoft has been at the forefront of digital transformation for over 30 years. A broad set of industries leverage this data/asset management system to manage their facility. The visibility this system provides allows users to gain deeper insights into their operations enabling more efficient cost-effective operation.

Accessing machine and sensor data is not always straightforward. Many legacy machines don’t have support for standard Ethernet based IT interfaces. In fact, many legacy systems support only a serial interface. In those instances, a bridge between the legacy serial interface and the OSIsoft PI System must be created. Traditionally this has been done using an industrial PC and a PI Interface. More recently OSIsoft has introduced several new paths to access data and they include:



Offers secure access to the PI System by devices not running Windows (ex. Linux based computers)


PI Connectors

The evolution of the traditional data collection technologies


Edge Data Store

A persistent storage solution that can tolerate network down time by storing data locally



An open source Linux interface that supports remote device configuration and data ingress via OMF


OSIsoft Message Format

This is a light weight protocol for sending data to the PI Server

The Solution

The Ewon Flexy’s Java based communication engine can interact with the PI System using PI Web API and OSIsoft Message Framework. A Flexy Java application for the PI Web API interface is available upon request (click here to make the request). The application leverages authentication certificates and TLS to create a secure encrypted link between the Flexy gateway and the data server. The solution can be upgraded to include auto population of Asset Framework Elements to simplify deployment.

Any feature Flexy supports natively is now available for your PI Data Archive. Key features include:

    1. Tag Management
    2. Drivers for industrial protocols including Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Uni-Telway, EtherNet/IP, DF1, FINS TCP, FINS Hostlink, ISO TCP, PPI, MPI, Profibus, Mitsubishi FX, Hitachi EH, ASCII
    3. Remote VPN support for user access and remote service support
    4. Local webserver to presenting real-time information

HMS Industrial Networks has introduced cellular, WiFi and wired connectivity solutions for OSIsoft PI System without the need for a PI interface or PI connector. The connectivity solution for the PI Historian leverages the Web API to push data directly to the PI System. Read the entire article!

Full Article

What can you do with Flexy once it is connected to the OSIsoft PI System?

Here are some examples:


Connect individual sensors directly to the PI System. It is common to find a pressure sensor or a flow meter in a system with a manually monitored digital display. Integrating this and other sensor values into the time series database creates a documented history with no human error.


Pressures sensors like the Rosemount 3051T support Profibus and can be integrated using the Flexy 205 MPI Fieldbus extension card supporting Profibus. The extension card also works with Profibus based PLCs.


Because Flexy can support multiple interfaces and up to 3 data access cards it is very cost effective. A single Flexy can connect multiple machines and many individual sensors simultaneously.

Are you new to the PI System? Learn more on the OSIsoft website and watch their introduction video:


Machine Remote Service and Provisioning Solutions with the PI System Presentation

Watch the presentation HMS Networks and Bondtech shared at the 2019 PI World conference in San Francisco where they shared their experience and strategies for addressing the roadblocks every company should expect to encounter when rolling out a customer to manufacture remote access and remote data solution. Download the presentation here:

Remote Service Solutions Presentation


Is your data remote?

Many companies have a remote out building or a location not serviced by their IT Network. These systems are commonly left offline because it is assumed the cost to connect these facilities is too high. The eWON Flexy offers support for both 3G and LTE wireless connections. With Cellular costs as low as they have ever been the cost to monitor remote systems is now in reach. And we know how to connect these systems securely. Ask us how we can help you connect more systems to your OSIsoft PI System.