Extending the Intelligent Dell Edge with HMS Networks


HMS Networks partners with Dell Technologies to extend the Intelligent Edge to the Transportation and Machine Builder Market

Dell Technologies excels at creating high-quality computer platforms and HMS Networks has extensive experience in the industrial communications market. By combining a high-quality Dell edge gateway with HMS’s proven Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol stacks, the Dell 3002 is the perfect transportation edge gateway.

What is included in the Dell solution?

The Dell 3002 includes fully integrated J1939 and CANopen stacks.

CANopen is a protocol developed on CAN specifically for machine builders. Both J1939 and CANopen stacks are designed to fully support the associated protocols including error handling, message TX/RX and address filtering. This allows the end user to focus on application development. The solution also includes example applications as source code for both CANopen and J1939.


A perfect match of Industrial Communication and IT know-how!


30 years of CAN expertise from HMS

HMS Networks has been developing communications solutions for more than 30 years. Our products are used by the largest industrial automation companies in the world. The Ixxat division of HMS is the center of excellence for CAN-based protocol support.


"The CAN bus is a common network leveraged in the transportation market. To ensure Dell’s J1939 and CANopen interfaces offered the highest level of quality, Dell chose to partner with HMS Networks. We are excited to include these comprehensive stacks on the 3002 edge gateway."

-Brent Hodges, Internet of Things (IoT) Planning and Product Strategy at Dell


Intelligent Edge Solutions from Dell

Dell’s intelligent edge solutions include the 3000 and 5000 series gateways. These Dell solutions are the highest performing gateways HMS supports for edge applications. The x86-based solutions offer enough performance to meet even the most challenging edge processing requirements.


"HMS is proud to support the CAN stacks on the Dell 3002 and is looking forward to a successful long-term relationship with Dell."

Staffan Dahlström, CEO HMS Networks

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