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Smart EV Charging at the ABB e-mobility solution center

Testing the OCPP to Modbus gateway at the ABB e-mobility solution center for smart charging operation of electric vehicles.

EV Charging integration to maximize the building's energy efficiency

We connect the electric vehicle charging stations to the Modbus BMS through the OCPP gateway. This enables advanced and smart control to optimize the charging process and stabilize the ABB e-mobility solution center building's energy.

Based on your building automation needs, you have two possible roles to monitor, manage, and restrict the use of EV charging devices:
1. BMS Central System. The gateway and the BMS act as the OCPP central system.
2. OCPP Central System. The gateway acts as a bridge between the OCPP elements and the BMS.


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The Customer:

ABB e-mobility is leading the future towards zero-emission mobility with smart, reliable, and emission-free electric vehicle charging solutions.

The Problem:

Enable the BMS with smart control to optimize EV charging processes, and balance electricity loads throughout the ABB campus.

The Challenge:

Maximizing energy efficiency, minimizing costs while enhancing the ABB e-mobility solution center building users' experience.

Robust energy management for EV networks

Smart Charging Operations

Monitor, manage, and the charging transactions to optimize energy consumption.

How to configure

Watch and learn how to configure the Intesis OCPP to Modbus TCP & RTU Server Gateway.


The result

Optimized energy usage and balanced grid loads are achieved through smart charging operations, which enable the BMS to adjust charging power according to electricity demand, energy prices, grid conditions, and user preferences.


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