Ensuring network uptime and security

Network Diagnostics

Well-functioning and efficient networks are business-critical for any site. Regardless of the network type or architecture, whether it is a greenfield or brownfield site, Anybus Diagnostics provides ready-made products to standardize preventive measures against costly production downtime.

Network Diagnostics
PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT monitoring

Network Diagnostics — Permanent Monitoring

To secure industrial networks, use active and passive monitoring tools to detect vulnerabilities and optimize performance. Combining these methods helps implement a comprehensive and effective permanent monitoring system, resulting in network uptime.

PROFIBUS DP and PA monitoring

Permanent Monitoring — Fieldbus

Monitor PROFIBUS installations worldwide, receive error alerts, and optimize network design. This is ideal when there is a tech staff shortage and system availability demands are high.

This is an efficient method of diagnosing and designing your network when there is a shortage of qualified technical staff and a huge amount of pressure on system availability.

Strengthen the backbone of your network

Network Segmentation

Strengthening the backbone of your network infrastructure to be more robust can be the first step to avoiding unexpected downtime.

The best practice to create a good infrastructure is network segmentation by adding separate channels rather than daisy-chaining all devices, allowing redundancy and creating active measurement points.

Mobile troubleshooting solutions

Network Troubleshooting

Monitor PROFIBUS installations from anywhere. Receive error alerts and optimize network design with permanent monitoring solutions. This is ideal when there is a tech staff shortage and system availability demands are high.

Our Services and Certified Trainings

Unexpected network downtime due to faults can result in significant losses. When facing complex faults, you can trust our Service & Support experts. HMS can swiftly restore your installation or provide guidance on the best path for repair.

This prevents long downtime periods and the high generated costs involved. Moreover, we also offer our expert advice so that you can prevent faults in the future.


Do you wish to troubleshoot and prevent errors yourself?

HMS offers Certified training to match today’s importance in the Industrial automation market.

According to the protocol guidelines, we offer professional courses to acquire specialized knowledge and skills to maintain factory uptime and prevent unplanned downtime.


Training and services - Network Diagnostics

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Ensure network uptime and security!

Downtime is the nemesis of every single industry, with hugely detrimental effects on production, output, revenues, and sustainability. Happily, there are established techniques to tackle downtime and minimize its impact.

HMS Academy

Prove your technical expertise in industrial network engineering with the Anybus Academy. Avoid unnecessary downtime caused by untrained individuals. Courses take as little as 30 minutes, providing a solid foundation for PI certification. Ideal for newcomers or experienced professionals looking to update and demonstrate their knowledge.

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