Case study

Getting home on time thanks to SWARCO and the ProfiHub

How the ProfiHub plays a key role in maintaining SWARCO’s intelligent traffic systems.


When we travel by road, we depend on intelligent traffic systems (ITS) to guide us to our destination safely and efficiently. But for an ITS to function reliably, it needs a stable industrial network that can transmit real-time data between various components. That’s why SWARCO installed ProfiHubs in their ITS, ensuring the ITS’ uptime and helping all of us get home on time.


SWARCO specializes in intelligent traffic systems (ITS) that are used on roads around the world. Their cutting-edge products make travel safe and convenient and include traffic control systems, traffic signal matrix displays, and dynamic road information panels (DRIPs).

Formed in Austria but now with offices around the world, SWARCO provides innovative solutions that improve traffic flow, reduce congestion, and enhance overall road safety. Their commitment to excellence has made them a trusted partner for governments and private companies alike, who rely on SWARCO to deliver world-class ITS solutions that make travel safer and more efficient.




The importance of a reliable industrial network

While governments and private companies rely on SWARCO to deliver world-class intelligent traffic systems, the systems rely on industrial networks to exchange real-time data between different components, such as DRIPs, traffic signal systems, and traffic control systems. As Peter Smit, product manager at SWARCO’s Dutch office, explains, “There is an entire traffic system connected to it, and if it falters, it can immediately cause accidents.”

As a stable industrial network is the backbone of a successful ITS, it was crucial for SWARCO to find a mechanism that could guarantee the stability of its PROFIBUS network.



“These hubs are quite simply robust and, additionally, they look very well-organized.''

- Peter Smit, SWARCO Product Manager


ProfiHub – Durable & Reliable

To ensure the stability and reliability of their PROFIBUS network, SWARCO installed a ProfiHub B2+ and a ProfiHub B5 + in their ITS. The ProfiHubs allowed SWARCO to transition from a single-point-of-failure bus structure to a more flexible and manageable star structure. The fact that the ground cable is connected directly to the ProfiHub enabled SWARCO to reduce the complexity of the installation as well as the cabling.

Before deploying the ProfiHubs, SWARCO conducted extensive testing to ensure that they could handle the requirements of an intensive traffic system. The ProfiHub passed all the tests with flying colors, assuring SWARCO that they could handle even the busiest of days with ease. As Peter comments, “These hubs are quite simply robust and, additionally, they look very well-organized.''





Company: SWARCO

Country: The Netherlands

Solution: Network Diagnostics

Industries: Intelligent traffic systems

Products: Diagnostics Combricks and ProfiTrace

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