Ultimate cloud service for Ewon Cosy & Flexy gateways

Talk2m pro

As your business grows, upgrading to Talk2m pro is recommended. This plan offers a global Service Level Agreement, improved management for users & devices, increased traffic and data, extra concurrent connections, unlimited web portal connections, and the ability to access all sites through a single Talk2m account.


Enjoy advanced remote connectivity

Talk2m, Ewon's industrial cloud, securely connects you to your machines from anywhere, acting as a tunnel between your equipment and you. The pro version enables machine builders and users to have one single account and higher monthly VPN traffic. Upgrade to Talk2m pro for better machine support capabilities.

What you can do with Talk2m pro

Upgrade your customer service to the next level

Enhance equipment efficiency, prevent issues with proactive support, and boost customer satisfaction through easy remote connectivity management.

Collaborate better with more concurrent connections

The Talk2m pro plan is flexible and grows with your business. In case of higher or simultaneous support requests, the Talk2m pro account administrator can easily adjust the number of concurrent connections.

Group devices to get a clear overview of your equipment

Talk2m pro makes it easier to manage your equipment: simply group your devices & users for easy and secure centralized management, according to your own specific needs (geographic locations, internal organization, customers, types of machines, suppliers, etc.).

Manage teams & permissions effortlessly

Talk2m pro offers advanced firewall rules and user permissions for restricting device, protocol, and service access. It includes robust security features like enhanced password policies and temporary user management, ideal for teams supporting multiple clients. Account activity can be easily monitored through logs, reports, and connection audits.

Guaranteed quality service, adding value for customers

Talk2m pro's Global Service Level Agreement (SLA) insures 99,5% service availability for maximum business continuity. Talk2m infrastructure is constantly optimized to deliver maximum connectivity performance. Thanks to our global and redundant infrastructure, we offer the best connectivity experience to thousands of users around the globe.

Maintain devices up to date with firmware management

Thanks to Talk2m pro, administrators can allow specific users to remotely manage Ewon Cosy+ devices' firmware and keep them up to date. Users see immediately if important updates are available, can consult the release notes and launch firmware upgrades on single or multiple devices remotely.

Visualize historical data to improve decision-making

Talk2m pro includes Talk2m visualization: Bring machine data to life through visualized historical data dashboards paired with notifications and reports. Use data insights to level-up your decision-making processes.

Leverage machine data with powerful APIs

Get the most out of machine data for any industrial application. On top of its own dashboards, Talk2m pro offers extended data packages for more demanding IIoT pojects. Application developers can easily retrieve data from multiple devices using Talk2m APIs.

The Talk2m pro plan




Users and devices
Service Level Agreement (SLA) *

Extended package **

- 5+ concurrent desktop connections (Ecatcher Windows) 
- Unlimited concurrent mobile connections (M2web + Ecatcher Mobile) 
- 20+ GB monthly VPN traffic
- 10+ million datapoints upload to the datamailbox per month
- 50+ Wake-up / Alarm SMS sent through Talk2m (without sim card)

Advanced user rights and security policies

- Define user groups and device pools
- Create temporary users
- Set advanced firewalling rules
- Enforce strong password policies

Remote firmware management ***Yes
 Talk2m visualization 
 (Visualized historical data dashboards paired with notifications and reports) 

* Remote access, M2web portal & M2web API : 99,6% availability, datamailbox API (DMWeb): 99.5% availability. 

** Options such as additional concurrent connections, VPN traffic, datamailbox upload, SMS are subject to additional fees.
***Only available with Ewon devices in the Cosy+ range.

How to start your free trial in Ecatcher?

Simply follow this easy 5-step process:

1. Download Ecatcher

Download the latest version of Ecatcher if not yet installed on your computer.

2. Login as Administrator

Start Ecatcher and log in to your Talk2m account as Administrator.

3. Click on "Account"

Click on the "Account" icon in Ecatcher, then go to the "Credit and Contract" section.

4. "Request Talk2m pro"

Hit the "Request Talk2m pro" button. Follow the upgrade process.

5. Restart Ecatcher

At the end of the process, simply restart Ecatcher and enjoy all the benefits of Talk2m pro!*


*Free Talk2m pro trial up to 3 consecutive months. Any unused portion of the free trial period will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription.