Intermediate cloud service for Ewon Cosy & Flexy gateways

Talk2m light

The requirements for remote access and monitoring are increasing, a trend expected to persist. Talk2m light helps you keep up with these advancements by offering 2 simultaneous connections and a global Service Level Agreement, making it an ideal and cost-effective solution for high-performance remote connectivity.


Enhanced remote connectivity

Ewon's Talk2m industrial cloud allows remote machine access and performance monitoring. Talk2m light offers increased VPN traffic compared to Talk2m free. With one account, manage unlimited gateways and users, improving customer service and reducing costs.

Taking it a step further, Talk2m pro, our advanced plan, meets our customers' most exacting requirements, including the ability to set up multiple simultaneous connections and manage user access rights.

What you can do with Talk2m light

Experience guaranteed service reliability

With Talk2m light, you also benefit from our Service Level Agreement, which guarantees a minimum availability of 99.5%. This ensures reliable and consistent service, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Easily connect to your machines

All Ewon gateways include free Talk2m industrial cloud connectivity, requiring no IT skills to use. Use the Ecatcher client to establish a secure VPN connection over the internet for troubleshooting and maintaining industrial machines.

Enjoy two concurrent connections

For faster, more efficient intervention, two people need to be able to connect simultaneously to the same machine. Talk2m light makes it possible.

If you want to go even further with multiple simultaneous connections, precisely define access rights and control your connectivity, Talk2m pro is the best choice.

Increase data transfer capacity

Talk2m light offers higher transfer capacities than Talk2m free. This plan includes up to 5 GB monthly VPN traffic and the sending of 7 million datapoints via datamailbox.

Want more? Talk2m pro offers 20+ GB monthly VPN traffic, 10+ million datapoints!

Set up SMS wake-up & alarm system

The role of an industrial remote access and monitoring solution is to inform you at all times when a problem occurs. This is done in particular by SMS. Talk2m light includes 50 SMS alarms and wake-up calls per month. So, you can sleep soundly at night.


Upgrade to Talk2m pro for more advanced features

When you choose Talk2m pro, you get the most out of our industrial connectivity solution. With this subscription plan, you can view all your sites from a single Talk2m account. You can also collect and transfer much more data.

Talk2m pro is the ideal tool for machine builders who want to offer their customers a wide range of services. And for machine users, Talk2m pro is the perfect solution for centralizing and managing all access granted to subcontractors.

The Talk2m light plan

Number of gateways


Number of users


Concurrent VPN connection(s)


Additional VPN connection (+4 GB per additional connection)


Included monthly VPN traffic

Max 5 GB

Additional VPN traffic


Concurrent mobile connections (M2web and Ecatcher Mobile)


Included SMS (Wake-up, alarm)

50 SMS

Included monthly datamailbox upload

Max 7 million datapoints

Additional datamailbox upload


Talk2m visualization


Advanced user rights management


Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Remote firmware management