Industrial cloud service for Ewon Cosy & Flexy gateways

Talk2m free

The standard Talk2m free plan, included with all Cosy and Flexy gateways, provides a reliable and efficient remote connectivity solution using a global and redundant server infrastructure. With the seamless integration of Talk2m and Ewon gateways, you can remotely access your machines from anywhere.


Ewon's easy and secure industrial cloud

Ewon's remote connectivity solution is enabled through a seamless integration between our gateways and Talk2m industrial cloud, providing all our devices with free remote connectivity.

As your business expands and your management needs grow, we recommend upgrading to a more advanced Talk2m plan.

What you can do with Talk2m free

Connect to your machines easily

All Ewon gateways seamlessly integrate Talk2m industrial cloud connectivity which is available free of charge. You don't need any IT skill to start using Talk2m. With the Ecatcher client, establish a secure VPN connection through the internet for troubleshooting and maintenance of industrial machines.

Monitor machine performance

Talk2m offers M2web, a web portal that allows you to monitor your fleet of machines from any device, anywhere and at any time. This portal provides a quick overview, enabling you to track machine KPIs and receive alarms, all through local or cloud-based dashboards.

Collect machine data

Talk2m enables easy integration of remote machine data into third-party applications for visualization and analysis, ensuring no data loss or duplication. Leverage our powerful APIs to enhance your data utilization and insights.

Manage your connectivity

Talk2m enables centralized management of connectivity aspects like users, devices, permissions, and security policies, ideal for teams supporting multiple customers. Monitor account activities with logs, reports, and audit trails.

Rely on a highly secure service

Talk2m offers a secure end-to-end tunnel connecting you to your machines, complying with the highest cybersecurity standards. It ensures the highest level of availability and redundancy, with a cloud infrastructure supervised 24/7/365 by a dedicated team of service engineers since 2006.

The Talk2m free plan

Number of gateways


Number of users


Concurrent VPN connection(s)


Additional VPN connection (+4 GB per additional connection)


Included monthly VPN traffic

Max 3 GB

Additional VPN traffic


Concurrent mobile connections (M2web and Ecatcher Mobile)


Included SMS (Wake-up, alarm)


Included monthly datamailbox upload

Max 5 million datapoints

Additional datamailbox upload


Talk2m visualization


Advanced user rights management


Service Level Agreement (SLA)


Remote firmware management