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Revolutionizing HVAC systems for a more sustainable future

Discover how to revolutionize HVAC systems for a more sustainable future. Our updated whitepaper unveils new data and trends in HVAC technology, offering innovative solutions to reduce energy consumption and lower carbon emissions.


HVAC systems are key in buildings' energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. With buildings responsible for over one-third of global energy consumption, optimizing HVAC systems is crucial for a sustainable future.

  • Intesis AC Gateways: The Solution. Intesis AC gateways enable seamless integration between HVAC and Building Automation Systems (BAS) or Building Management Systems (BMS). Regardless of protocols or technologies, our gateways facilitate remote control, supervision, and optimization of HVAC parameters, leading to significant energy savings and CO2 emissions reduction.
  • Milestone Achieved. Join over 1.5 million AC units worldwide that have been integrated into BAS or BMS using Intesis AC gateways. Our solutions cover all major AC brands and are deployed across various sectors, from hotels to data centers.
  • Sustainable Impact. By connecting HVAC systems to BAS or BMS, our solutions achieve 1,567 GWh of energy savings and 777,408 tons of CO2 emissions reduction annually. This demonstrates the scalability and positive impact of our solution on the HVAC industry and the environment.

What does it mean for the planet?

To set these figures in perspective, the obtained energy/CO2 savings are equivalent to:

  • The annual energy consumption of a city with 447,676 inhabitants.
  • The carbon sequestered by about 310,000 acres of forest in one year.
  • 12,124 round-the-Earth flights.
  • The annual energy consumption of about 1 million electric cars.

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