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Reduce Energy Consumption in Buildings with AC Cloud Control

Discover how AC Cloud Control can help reduce energy consumption within existing AC systems.


This whitepaper aims to exhibit how the AC Cloud Control solutions can help gain efficiency in existing AC systems, improve comfort for the end-user and save energy within buildings.

  • Reading this report you will learn about:
  • The role of Building Management Systems (BMS) in air-conditioning energy management.
  • Retrofitting & upgrading existing AC systems.
  • How cloud control can help reduce energy consumption within existing AC systems.
  • Functionality available within AC Cloud for energy optimization.
  • Energy saving potential of AC Cloud Control solution.
  • The importance of remote control to energy optimization.

Every year, over 100 million air conditioning units are installed worldwide. They account for approximately 40% of the energy in a building, while in areas such as the Middle East, it can be as much as 70% of the buildings’ energy cost.

An easy way to upgrade the air conditioning system is where devices like HMS’ Intesis AC Cloud Control come in. Intesis’ AC Cloud Control is a cloud-based remote-control system that allows comfortable and intuitive control of air conditioners and heat pumps. Based on a brand-agnostic cloud-based platform, it brings remotely accessible smart intelligent control to legacy installations which previously had zero or limited control capability.

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