Time Sensitive Networking (TSN)

TSN is a set of standards to provide deterministic communication on standard Ethernet.


What is TSN?

TSN (Time sensitive networking) is a set of standards specifying Ethernet-based communication. It guarantees a deterministic and bounded low-latency communication between devices. 


TSN integration in automation technology

TSN has been a hot topic in the automation market for several years and there is no doubt that it will become a base technology for real-time communication and therefore play a significant role in automation technology.

All leading fieldbus organizations and numerous automation manufacturers have announced timelines for the integration of the TSN protocol in their relevant standards and automation devices. This means that device manufacturers are presented with the challenge of adapting the communication interface in their automation devices to the new technology.

Communication interface for TSN

HMS is following TSN standardization activities and will develop communication interfaces supporting the specifications for each major industrial network.

Joakim Wiberg, Head of Technology, and Samuel Alexandersson, Business Line Director at HMS Business Unit Anybus, answer questions about TSN technology and how it can be implemented using Anybus CompactCom.


CC-Link IE TSN – The first TSN standard is ready, and so is HMS!

The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) has finalized the Ethernet standard used in CC-Link IE TSN, making CC-Link IE TSN the first open industrial network protocol to combine gigabit Ethernet with Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) functionality.

In collaboration with CLPA, HMS has developed the Anybus CompactCom 40 CC-Link IE TSN, the world’s first embedded communication interface to support TSN.

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