What is TSN?

TSN (Time Sensitive Networking) is a set of standards specifying Ethernet-based communication. It guarantees a deterministic and bounded low-latency communication between devices.

TSN — Time Sensitive Networking

TSN (Time Sensitive Networking) was originally developed for transferring audio and video streams in commercial applications, but is also very suitable for time-critical industrial communication.

It has been a hot topic in the automation market for several years and there is no doubt that it will become a base technology for real-time communication and therefore play a significant role in automation technology.

How to provide support for TSN in automation products

All leading fieldbus organizations and numerous automation manufacturers have announced timelines for the integration of the TSN protocol in their relevant standards and automation devices.

This means that device manufacturers are presented with the challenge of adapting the communication interface in their automation devices to the new technology.

HMS is currently developing support for TSN in Anybus embedded products for several networks.

More about Anybus embedded

HMS IIoT Blog: Easily retrofitting TSN.

This blogpost discusses what TSN is and how it is currently being deployed through different initiatives.

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Free whitepaper: What is TSN and how will it affect automation?

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  • What are the achievements so far, and what is missing for a wider adoption, and also, what is an expected timeline?



Online workshop:

Six experts examine what Time Sensitive Networking is, why it's important and who is using it.

Featuring John Browett and Tom Burke of the CLPA, Frank Thomas of ARC Advisory Group, Christian Bergdahl of HMS Networks, Piotr Siwek of Mitsubishi Electric and Chih-Hong Lin of Moxa.

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