5G starterkits and testing solutions

HMS offers starterkits and testing solutions that enable you to get going with 5G at your site.

5G industrial router and 5G solutions

5G Starterkit with IO-Link sensors

Enables data to be accessed over 5G link using Industrial Ethernet protocols

The 5G starterkit with IO-Link sensors from HMS is perfect for starting out with 5G at your site — for evaluation of 5G and starting up your own network with Ericsson Industry Connect.

The 5G kit provides access to data from industrial IO-Link sensors across the 5G network.

Data from the sensors can be accessed using Modbus TCP and MQTT protocols as well as JSON format.

There is also a web-based demo ready to show the sensor data across the 5G network in a regular browser.


The starterkit provides an easy-to-use sample application for initial tests of the wireless 5G network and can also be used as a foundation for a future application. It has been developed, tested and verified in collaboration with Ericsson.
The solution has been interoperability-tested with the Ericsson Industry Connect 5G solution in standalone (SA) operation using band 78.

More about Ericsson Industry Connect
Ericsson about the partnership with HMS 


5G Starterkit options from HMS:


5G Starterkit with IO-Link sensors (Wireless Router 5G included)

A ready-made starterkit to get you going with 5G. Includes a wireless 5G router, Ethernet gateway, IO-Link Master, Light tower for IO-Link and distance sensor. Comes in a handy hardcase bag.

The Wireless 5G Router included in this starterkit is prepared for private industrial 5G networks in Europe, supporting band 78 (other bands available on request). 
Article no: NV1002
5G Starter kit no router

Starterkit with IO-Link sensors (without Wireless Router 5G)

The same kit can be purchased without the wireless HMS 5G router.

This kit can be used with other cellular routers such as the Wireless Router 4G (NV1004)

Article no: NV1001

5G router from HMS

Wireless Router 5G

The wireless 5G router only, without the kit. The Wireless Router 5G enables you to create a robust cellular connection in an industrial production environment. The router is prepared to be used with private industrial 5G networks in Europe supporting band 78 (other bands on request).
Article no: NV1000 


5G router from HMS

Wireless Router 4G

The wireless router but for 4G. The Wireless Router 4G enables you to create a robust cellular connection in an industrial production environment.
Article no: NV1004


Files and Documentation

EU Declaration of Conformity – Wireless Router 5G1.0238.57 KB Download
HMS 5G Brochure1.01.43 MB Download
Firmware – StarterKit1.0.132.70 MB Download
Firmware — Wireless Router 5G1.0.2324.93 MB Download
User Manual - Wireless Router 5G1.15.54 MB Download