Ewon Flexy Reports at your Fingertips


The Ewon® Flexy by HMS Networks performs robust data and alarm collection from remote devices to the HMS Talk2M cloud service.

XLReporter® turns the raw data and alarms into actionable information by automatically retrieving the data from the cloud, putting it into easy-to-grasp reports and dashboards, delivering them to the right person at the right time.




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The Ewon Flexy devices collect remote data and alarms and pushes it through a VPN tunnel to the HMS Talk2M “DataMailbox”. The volume of data can be controlled using value and time deadbands.






XLReporter’s Ewon Flexy IIoT connector periodically synchronizes all the new data in the DataMailbox to a database of your choice e.g., Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL. The transfer uses secure HTTPS, with no exposure to the internet (no public IP).





The stored data is used to create reports from “out-of-box” templates or custom reports using the XLReporter Design Studio or Microsoft Excel.
Reports are produced automatically using XLReporter’s built-in scheduler or view trends and dashboards on-demand.






Reports are produced as Excel workbooks, encrypted PDF, web pages, CSV files and XML files and distributed automatically to email, SMS, FTP server, local/network printer and file server. From the web portal, reports are viewed as web pages on any device with a web browser.




Improve Machine and Device Uptime



Increased Efficiency and Product Quality



Provide Reports and Dashboards for Workers



Decrease Operational and Travel Costs



Connect to a Devices in Multiple Locations


Take Reports to another Dimension

True On-Demand Reporting

XLReporter provides layers of report analysis which would otherwise require intense manual effort or programming to accomplish. Conditional summaries, analytical calculations, runtimes and OEE KPIs are just a few examples of the “out of the box” capabilities.


         Features include:

  • Over 70 connectors to data sources in industry
  • Over 50 out-of-box templates
  • Templates built in Design Studio or Excel
  • Industrial grade reporting engine
  • Report automatically, periodically or on events
  • Report on-demand, locally or across the network
  • Publish reports as workbooks, web pages or PDF
  • Distribute reports by email, web portal or FTP

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