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IIoT Solutions on Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is the largest cloud platform in the world with a server capacity six times that of the next competitor. In addition to it's sheer size, Amazon is committed to rolling out application building blocks at a staggering rate including cutting edge data analytics. These building blocks can be combined to create solutions for the top Industrial IoT use cases including:


Predictive Mainenance
Asset Condition Monitoring
Machine as a Service
Predictive Quality
Process Optimization



Diving deeper into Asset Condition Monitoring the following building blocks can be used in conjunction with an HMS Edge gateway for device connectivity to create the solution.

  • AWS IoT Core – Bi-direction communication channel between AWS and an access using a HMS Edge gateway. The HMS edge gateway aggregates data from multiple machine sources including HMI, PLC and sensors. That data is then buffered locally while it is streamed to AWS.
  • AWS Kinesis – AWS can consume data and push data to HMS Hub as well as Talk2M using well documented RESTful APIs. HMS cloud platforms HMS Hub and Talk2M aggregate data from multiple devices in the field allowing a well-organized single steam of data to flow to AWS.
  • AWS IoT Things Graph – Visualizing data allows individuals and management to quickly understand complex status information. Resulting in more alignment across the organization and faster response times when there are issues in the field.
  • AWS IoT Events – Alarming is a key element of any asset monitoring solution. The AWS IoT events function monitor a small stream of data or a river of information. Notifying employees of issues 24/7 via any communications medium.
  • AWS IoT Analytics – Not every machine issue is as simple as a sensor value exceeding a threshold. Deeper analysis may require filtering through years of data and millions of samples to detect a trend or predict a failure. IoT Analytics bring the power of this analysis to the industrial market.
  • AWS IoT SiteWise – Managing multiple machines across multiple site across multiple customers requires organization structure. Sitewise is provides the functionality required to organize and monitor devices in a way that can easily be maintained and monitored.
  • AWS Directory Service – Microsoft's active director system is the most common user management solution in the world. AWS integrates seamlessly with AD to support user data access and machine access rights.

The AWS functional building block portfolio is impressive and can be organized is an infinite number of possible ways. Developing an initial architecture can be a complex task requiring an understanding of every building block in the system. Implementation of a complete solution is a non-trivial but extending and maintaining a solution is achievable even at a small company with limited IT staff.


Small and mid-sized manufactures are leveraging HMS Engineering services to define and create solutions on AWS. At HMS we have been leveraging AWS services for over 10 years. HMS can define an architecture quickly based on our experience with AWS and help to eliminate the learning curve associated with each of the functional building blocks.


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How HMS Connects to AWS

HMS offers 4 options for connecting to AWS.



The HMS Hub offers an extensive RESTful API interface for managing data, users and devices connected to the Hub. HMS offers an SDK to facilitate customers interested managing the HMS hub from AWS. The i4Connected application from WebFactory is an example of an application that has fully integrated HMS hub into their solution.

Anybus Edge direct to AWS –

The MQTT connector in Flexy is used to create a certificate-based SSL connection with AWS IoT Core. Data from the asset is buffered locally in the Flexy gateway before being sent directly to the AWS IoT Core interface. This interface can be configured vis HMS Hub.

Anybus Edge
Flexy direct to AWS

Flexy direct to AWS –

The MQTT connector in Flexy is used to create a certificate-based SSL connection with AWS IoT Core. Data from the asset is buffered locally in the Flexy gateway before being sent directly to the AWS IoT Core interface. This interface can be configured manually, or HMS Engineering services can be leveraged to create an automated device provisioning solution.

Talk2M RESTful API –

Talk2M offers two RESTful API interfaces. DMWeb API is designed to support historical logging of data. Data from the asset is buffered locally in the Flexy gateway before being sent to a buffer in Talk2M (data mailbox) where data can be stored for up to 10 days. A second REST interface on Talk2M M2Web API allows for real time reads and writes to tags on any Flexy device. AWS Kinesis or an application like the Canary Historian or Ignition running on an AWS VM can read data from either REST API.

Talk2M RESTful API (1)


HMS Engineering Services

At HMS our engineering services team is focus on reducing our customers time to market and ensuring project success. Our development teams have help connect a plethora of machines from Ventilators or multi Megawatt Generators. We offer Flexible engagement models from hourly support to full turn-key development efforts. We offer free consultations and project proposals.

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