ThingWorx Connector for Ewon Flexy

Request the Free ThingWorx connector for the Ewon Flexy to discover how the Flexy and the ThingWorx service tools allows a team to create a powerful service solution

IIoT Solutions based on ThingWorx

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ThingWorx, a PTC company offers an IoT application development platform designed for ease of use and rapid deployment. ThingWorx brings multiple vendors into a single ecosystem and development tool. This allows users to select the best hardware and software applications for their specific project.

Each hardware element and software element has been verified for use within the ThingWorx system allowing developers to select vendors with confidence.

ThingWorx is a software application available in both Windows and Linux versions. The solution can be deployed in a cloud or on a private server. ThingWorx is not locked into any server platform allowing vendors to migrate the solution as their business evolves. Users can rapidly develop and deploy connected services across the enterprise. HMS gateways support 3 connectivity options for ThingWorx:

  • Onsite data to a in house server – The solution leverages the OPC-UA server in Flexy to bridge PLC data or discrete sensors to ThingWorx.
  • Remote data to an in-house server – The solution leverages the Ewon Talk2M server to easily gather data from multiple Flexy gateways connected to a single Talk2M account. Outbound connectivity from both ThingWorx and the edge gateway makes this solution firewall friendly for both the service provider and the end customer.
  • Remote data to a cloud server – This solution leverages an application running on Flexy to push data directly to the ThingWorx RESTful API interface.

Interested in HMS legacy products, many of those solution can also be connected to ThingWorx contact us to learn more.


Cutting Edge Solutions for Service

The ThingWorx Asset Advisor is packed with features developed specifically for Industrial Service. Role-based insights, automated alerts and response orchestration to improve response times. The solution becomes even more powerful when combined with AR solutions.

Vuforia Chalk is an interactive visualization solution that allows multiple parties to mark up a live video steam. Chalk could be the most valuable tool for service and support since the cell phone. Check out some videos of the application here:

Application Videos

Combining the power of HMS Edge gateway solutions for data access and remote access with the power of ThingWorx service tools allows a small team of people to create an incredibly powerful service solution.

Asset Advisor

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