Data Visualization and Analysis at your Fingertips

Scante’s innovative IoT/CX apps use Ewon Flexy and Talk2M to drive customer facing apps for IoT, parts, services and support.

Machine Insight

Have you ever wished a machine could report problems directly to you, rather than only at the control panel?

In a world where machines are becoming more connected and intelligent, why are we still tied to a HMI for operating and performance data? Wouldn’t it be great, if we could securely access machine operating and performance data on any of our devices whenever we needed it. Why are we still searching through company websites to find the right parts, order consumables, request service or review technical documentation? Couldn’t my machine’s OEM know my equipment and deliver the resources I need when I need them?


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Scante leverages the Ewon Flexy and Talk2M service to capture machine data and provide reliable and secure data services to Scante’s system.

This IoT data is processed and managed by IoT/CX to improve the customer experience and increase revenue for the machine builder. The vision is simple, you can deploy branded web apps with real-time data to improve the machine owner experience through dashboards and analytics. Give your machine the power to automatically re-order consumables, and your customers quick and easy access to machine specific parts and services to lock-in recurring sales.


Integrated Customer Experience

Scante leverages the Ewon Flexy and Talk2M service to capture machine data and provide secure data services to Scante’s system.

If you are responsible for servicing, maintaining, or using a machine on a regular basis you may be wondering when these features will be available to the industrial machine market. If you are a machine builder, these features offer a path to improve customer satisfaction and increased revenue through a tighter, long term relationship with your customer.

HMS Networks and Scante have partnered to bring these features to market. Scante’s IoT driven Customer Experience (CX) system is a highly configurable SaaS platform which enables machine builders to rapidly deploy a modern machine management solution to their customers.




What you can do with Scante IoT/CX platform

Current and historical IoT data, alarms and notifications, analytics, and reporting are all tailored for your needs and the specific equipment your customer owns.

On Machine Info

  • Current documentation complete and view-able on multiple devices (PC, Tablet, Phone) 
  • Machine specific parts and services with easy purchasing options
  • IoT data driven preventive maintenance 

Customer Experience

Mobile App- Scante

Use Case: Arpac's Scante Mobile App

Read how Arpac, the leading packaging machinery provider in Chicago, uses Scante's apps and the Ewon Flexy to receive real time operating data. 

App Possibilities:

  • IIoT data, dashboards, drill down graphing, and reporting
  • Machine status messages and alerts: in-app, email, and text
  • Machine specific consumables, replacement parts, and service requests

Arpac Case Study




Podcast: Scante in the IoT Marketplace

"Scante in the IoT Marketplace", is a part of th HMS Networks Series: IoT Talks- Best Practices and Realizing Value. Join us as we discuss with experts the best practices of implementing the internet of things in the industrial marketplace.

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Scante Podcast


Already have a fleet of machines in the field?

No problem, this solution can be added retrofit on to a machine and remotely updated as needs and requirements change.