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Affordable Software that simplifies Storing and Analyzing Time-Series Data

Collect Data, Easily Analyze it, and Use it

Most companies realize the need to collect, store and analyze process data to improve productivity, quality, and overall efficiency. The key is the find an affordable solution that allows you to access that data clearly and use it. 

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Meet Canary, A Time-Series Database built for Industrial Automation.


Canary Overview Whitepaper

What are your Data Roadbocks?

Professionals need constant access to sensor data. Overly complex databases and IT roadblocks get in the way. You need a simple, yet powerful, process data solution so you can succeed.

There are three roadblocks that companies face when trying to put value on the process data they have collected.

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Too Much Data to Manage

data roadblock solutions

Expensive Software

data roadblock solutions

Complicated Analytical Tools

Canary Labs has solved these Roadblocks

The Canary Solution provides tools that offer an easy to use solution to collect, store, and analyze large amounts of process data!

Ewon Flexy and Talk2M Solution

The Ewon Flexy device collects time stamped data from the shop floor or field applications and makes that data available in the Talk2M service. That data can now be accessed via OPC/UA or MQTT directly to Canary's Collection Tools.

Canary's Historian Tool

For 30+ years, Canary has been developing and refining their Historian tool. This is a propriety, maintenance free, No SQL, time series database that is optimized for process data. 65% loss less data compression to maintain your "raw data" integrity.

Data is kept in its original format so that you always have instant access to all data, no matter how old.

Collection, Storage and Analytics Features

  • The store and forward feature automatically caches data to remove risk of data loss as well as sending notifications if the Historian does not receive the data.
  • Canary's solution allows users to run SQL queries without the headaches of a SQL database.
  • Additional data connectivity such as .Net or Web API, HDA Server and an ODBC connector is also available.
  • Need redundancy? Mirrored data is also available!

Canary Labs Data Analytics

Canary’s Data Analytics offers 4 individual tools, All included in the Historian installation.

Asset Models

Asset Models are created by the user to define templates that contain groups of individual data points or tags. This is very important to reduce the amount of work for larger Enterprise systems. As new tags and assets can be automatically identified as they come online and be grouped into the correct Asset Model.


The events tool monitors previously defined assets. These assets can be monitored and tracked for unusual activity during the complete process and measured against defined limits. The events are then logged in the Canary Database for future analytics. These events can also be configured as Alarms to prompt a notification via text, email or an actual phone call if a value is not within its defined limits.


The HTML visualization piece to bring all your Event, Asset, and Tag data to a powerful and easy to use viewable platform.Axiom offers many tools for visualization such as Trending Charts, Tables, Guages, Iframes, C# scripting, Full multi-screen HMI’s can be created with very little training. Dashboard comparison across multiple Asset Models is also incorporated within Axiom.

Excel Add-in

The ability to export Chart CSV data directly from Axiom is an available feature but Canary has also included a very powerful Excel Add-in tool. This Add-in tool allows direct access to data in the Historian. Tag names, tag data, aggregate data as well as events or recorded anomalies are available to access with commonly know software such as Excel.



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