Return Material Authorization (RMA) procedure

Step 1

Contact technical support

Before returning a suspected faulty product to HMS please contact technical support to see if they can resolve your issue. If technical support are unable to resolve your problem your support case will be transferred to a product return (RMA) case for further investigation. 
Step 2

Read the product warranty and return policy

HMS will free of charge resolve defects in the product delivered which are due to defects in material, design or manufacture. In order for you not to be liable for repairs that fall outside of the warranty or unnecessary transport costs, carefully read our product return policy before proceeding to the next step and returning your product.
Step 3

Fill out the RMA form

If technical support can't solve the problem, you need to fill out the RMA form in the portal. The RMA procedure is for HMS direct customers only. If you purchased your product from one of our distributors, you need to contact the distributor and follow their product return procedure.

It you want to make a return for commercial reasons (i.e. not quality related) or for an ordering error then please fill out the credit return form.

To be able to handle your RMA case we need all case information in English. If you don't speak English please contact your local sales representative for assistance.

Additional help in the RMA procedure

Advance replacement

If you are in urgent need of a replacement product please mention this in the description field. You need to fill out the Advanced Replacement Conditions document listed below and attach it as a file to the RMA registration.

RMA form user guide

For information on how to use the RMA section in the portal we have made a step-by-step guide for your convenience

Contact HMS

In urgent situations, or if special shipping arrangement are required, please contact HMS product returns department directly.

Email: [email protected] / Phone: +46 35 17 29 99