HMS Networks introduces i4connected & i4scada software solutions under the Ewon brand

16 Apr 2023 at 22:00
HMS Networks officially introduces the recently acquired software solutions i4connected and i4scada under the Ewon brand.

As of April 17th 2023, HMS Networks reinforces its remote connectivity solutions by presenting the recently acquired software solutions WEBfactory i4connected and i4scada under the Ewon® brand. The new offering gives machine builders and their customers an end-to-end IIoT solution which gathers data from machines and presents it in an easy-to-use web interface.

The Ewon offering from HMS Networks features the world’s most used solutions for remote machine connectivity, enabling secure remote machine access and data collection for proactive and efficient maintenance of machines. With the new i4 software solutions, machine builders and their customers will be able to visualize data from connected machines in a web interface to help improve decision-making, control and service – minimizing the risk of costly machine and system downtime.

How it works

As soon as an Ewon gateway – Flexy or Netbiter – has been installed to a machine, the Ewon i4connected software can go to work. i4connected gathers data from Ewon gateways and presents it to the user in an easy-to-understand graphical user interface. Complex industrial processes are displayed in a straight-forward way, enabling the user to securely connect and get data from plants, buildings, machines, equipment, and sensors. In i4connected, the data can be visualized and analyzed in real time, helping the user to make data-driven decisions, and perform predictive maintenance.

Additionally, with Ewon i4scada factory owners and system integrators benefit from a fully web-based SCADA software to help improve the efficiency of complex on-site industrial processes in real-time. i4scada enables data driven decisions for better productivity and cost optimization. 

“This integrated approach combines our successful Ewon gateways Flexy and Netbiter with the state-of-the-art i4connected software. Machine builders and their clients will be able to easily unlock and leverage precious data from their machines to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. HMS stands for ‘Hardware Meets Software’ and this integration is a perfect demonstration of that,” says Alexander Hess, General Manager of HMS Networks’ Business Unit Ewon.