The next generation of Intesis lighting Gateways: Introducing the 700 Series DALI

05 Nov 2023 at 23:00
By Intesis by HMS Networks
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Facility management
We are glad to finally announce the launch of our cutting-edge product, the Intesis 700 Series DALI. This innovative DALI gateway is set to redefine lighting control and energy efficiency in the world of building automation.

Key Features of the 700 Series DALI

  • Versatility: The Intesis 700 Series DALI is the common platform for DALI lighting control and energy efficiency. It combines interfaces for BACnet and Modbus in the same hardware, allowing you to decide on the BMS protocol at a later configuration stage.
  • Efficiency: With these products, users will experience easy commissioning and better operational capability. In addition to standard lighting data, the 700 Series DALI allows users to manage color control, energy, diagnostics, and maintenance data, along with local control options for occupancy and light sensors.
  • Flexibility: The solution is available for one or two DALI channels, providing flexibility to match project requirements.
  • Inventory Management: Reduce your stock management and keep lighting installations up to date with the new Intesis 700 Series DALI, ultimately lowering maintenance costs and increasing energy efficiency.
  • Innovative Integration: The 700 Series DALI facilitates broader access to projects with color control and tunable white features, and it can run as an application controller with DALI local control.
  • Monitoring Capabilities: It allows real-time monitoring of DALI luminaries' consumption and maintenance data.

The Intesis 700 Series DALI is a game-changer for building automation, offering efficiency, flexibility, and control like never before. With this groundbreaking product, we continue to lead the way in creating smarter, more sustainable buildings.

To learn more about the Intesis 700 Series DALI and how it can benefit your building automation projects, please visit our application for your lighting automation projects.

About Intesis: Intesis is a renowned provider of innovative solutions in the field of building automation. With a commitment to sustainability and technological advancement, Intesis continuously strives to make buildings smarter, more efficient, and eco-friendly. The 700 Series DALI is a testament to their dedication to excellence in the industry.