HMS Networks aims for widespread use of remote access

Ewon Cosy+ offers a remote access solution that's both simple and secure. The result: all machines can be accessed at any time, for effective monitoring from anywhere.

HMS Networks is now launching a commercial offer for companies that have not yet embarked on the industrial IoT path.

Industrial connectivity represents a major competitive advantage for machine builders. However, only 50% of machines currently in production are equipped with a device enabling them to be accessed remotely. This is all the more regrettable given that, in addition to the financial savings it brings, remote access is also essential for reducing industry's ecological footprint by avoiding a large number of technician trips.

In this context, HMS Networks intends to encourage the use of IIoT with an attractive commercial offer for new customers: a 20% discount on the price of the Ewon Cosy+*.

Industrial connectivity: a high-growth sector

In 2022, demand for industrial connectivity has seen double-digit growth. For Sébastien Thinnes, Head of Products and Marketing of HMS Networks' Business Unit Ewon, "the international geopolitical situation makes secure remote access to machines almost indispensable".

Data security is often the main concern for machine builders who have not yet taken the plunge into industrial connectivity. At HMS Networks, the issue of cyber security is a top priority. “We can assure you that Cosy+ meets the highest standards in this field. Our products have several levels of protection, and we continue to invest in and develop new means of protection against cyber-attacks."

Safety as a cardinal value

For over 20 years, Ewon products have set the standard for remote access, providing simple, secure and affordable connectivity. Today, more than 450,000 machines are connected to Ewon's Talk2m industrial cloud, making it the leading player in the sector.

*Offer valid until October 31th.