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Stay up to date with the latest technical developments and trends within industrial communication and IoT.
  • How to Prevent Pilot Purgatory and Ensure Time to Value

    by Jason Sprayberry | Jul 09, 2020
    My grandfather always said, “Measure Twice, Cut Once” and that mantra holds true especially when creating new Proof of Value strategies. Create a great plan and make it realistic, and you can fail fast and learn - or potentially succeed fast and WIN quicker!
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  • HMS Networks: On enabling 5G for factories – and sorting the question of ownership

    by IoT Tech News | Jun 22, 2020
    Read an exclusive interview with Dr Jens Jakobson on the significance of 5G technologies in factory settings.
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  • Demystifying 5G Wireless

    by Jason Block | May 27, 2020
    In this blog post we distill what 5G is and which core pieces will have the most impact on industrial communications.​ Read the full article now....
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  • 7 Myths about Monitoring Remote Assets that Will Ensure you make this your top IoT Project for 2020

    by Jason Sprayberry | Apr 27, 2020
    Monitoring of remote equipment in dark, dirty, dangerous and dull locations is nothing new, but many changes in the world of industrial communications have enabled easy, secure, cost effective connectivity like never before. Read through the 7 myths that have been debunked about remote assets monitoring...
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  • Decreasing your risk from Service Level Agreements with Remote Data

    by Tom McKinney | Apr 08, 2020
    Discover HMS Networks solution to improving the challenges company face with unpredictable Service Level Agreements and how we can help you decrease the risk. Read the full article here...
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  • IT friendly remote access technology enables safe "virtual service techs' where travel is restricted

    by Jason Sprayberry | Mar 26, 2020
    As companies strive to cut costs or create travel bans, they begin restricting the ability to service remote industrial equipment. Discover our HMS Networks provides an easy way for OEM's to remotely diagnose and troubleshoot factory equipment from anywhere.
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  • What is IoT? Demystifying the Internet of Things

    by Jason Sprayberry | Mar 20, 2020
    Welcome to the 2020 1st edition of the Demystifying IoT blog! We will start by focusing on “What is IoT?” Our blog will be focused on simplifying the message, and through awareness provide easy actionable steps towards your digital transformation goals.
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  • Industry of Things World USA Event Summary

    by Tom McKinney | Mar 12, 2020
    The Industry of Things World San Diego event is a leading independent IoT conference entering it’s 5th year. This year’s key notes included presentations from National Oilwell Varco, Brose Group and Boeing. HMS Networks exhibited at the event this week with our Solution Partner Altizon to showcase our latest IoT collaboration. Check out our full summary of the event to see what other industry leaders are working on.
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  • Strategies for Developing Granular Cost Analysis

    by Tom McKinney | Mar 04, 2020
    Documenting the true cost of production for any product is a key step in understanding profitability, but in facilities producing a high mix of product can be hard to associate costs with a specific production run. As a result, averaging is commonly used to associate electrical costs, machine costs and labor with a specific product. Moving from averaging to a more accurate cost analysis gives product management better insight into costs which allows for better pricing models and long term a better understanding of the business.
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  • Is 5G the Future for Autonomous Vehicle Communications

    by Jason Block | Oct 14, 2019
    Wireless technologies are gaining acceptance in manufacturing as the need to increase capacity within a limited physical footprint drives the need for mobile robotic systems that can be flexibly deployed. Read this article to learn how 5G communications addresses many of the key challenges with this technology.
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