Network interfaces for industrial communication

How integration works with Anybus' network interfaces

Integrating a ready-made network interface is the easiest way to make a device connect to multiple industrial networks. Anybus embedded network interfaces enable advanced industrial network connectivity for your devices in an easy way. HMS' 30 years of experience and 10 million delivered products ensure a smooth implementation process.

Save hundreds of development hours

Kickstart your integration process!

HMS helps you kickstart the implementation of an Anybus CompactCom into your device by providing a variety of hardware and software tools for demonstration, evaluation, and application development. 

Start by downloading the Anybus Host Application Example Code (HAEC) to speed up the development process for any target application.


Note that the Anybus CompactCom needs to be ordered separately for both the Starter Kit and adapter boards.

Starter Kits and Adapter Boards

Choose your evaluation host platform

HMS offers a Starter Kit as well as a selection of adapter boards designed for testing and evaluating the Anybus CompactCom.

The Starter Kit allows both quick demonstration, in-depth evaluation capabilities, and enables a potential application to be designed and evaluated in a PC environment.

Alternatively, perform an in-depth assessment of communication speed and latency with the adapter boards - closer to reality

eLearning - Free online training

What is CompactCom?

If you want to know more about the CompactCom concept, we offer a free online training course aimed at technical personnel such as product managers or product engineers. The training introduces the main technological elements of CompactCom.

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Products used for implementation of Embedded network interfaces

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Key featurs of Anybus' network interfaces

Designed for industrial automation and control systems, the CompactCom offers a wide range of features that make it the standout choice for connecting devices to industrial networks.


Which CompactCom is right for you?

All the Anybus CompactCom products connect devices to tough industrial environments. To determine which version suits your needs, read this article.


Connect your devices with confidence!

This guide provides you with the main tasks and key considerations you need to keep in mind when developing and maintaining a high-quality network interface.



Anybus CompactCom IIoT Secure enables your industrial devices to communicate using OPC UA and MQTT.

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Download the Host Application Example Code

Speed up the development process

HMS provides a free source-level Host Application Example Code (HAEC) in C language, complete with a driver that can serve as the foundation for your implementation. The driver separates the low-level host interface communication from the host application software and provides easy-to-use function calls for common Anybus-related tasks. The driver is fully OS-independent and can even be used without an operating system if required. 

The HAEC supports all major fieldbus and industrial Ethernet protocols, making it a great way to also quickly evaluate the Anybus CompactCom for your application. Moreover, the HAEC comes with pre-made ports for the Anybus CompactCom Starter Kit and adapter boards.


Download Host Application Implementation Guide