Talk2m web access


M2web is a component of Ewon's Talk2m cloud. It offers a web-based dashboard for accessing your machines from any location. Gain a clear overview of your machines' KPIs and easily establish proactive remote monitoring and maintenance.


Machine KPIs at your fingertips

M2web is included for free in the Talk2m cloud, accessible to all Ewon devices. It offers secure browser-based access to your remote HMIs, local dashboards on Ewon devices, PLC webpages, and PCs.

For machine builders, OEMs, and system integrators, M2web offers a convenient and quick way to remotely access their machines. It can be accessed from any web browser on a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone.

What you can do with M2web

Connect remotely to HMIs, IP cameras and web servers

M2web enables web access to any device equipped with an Ewon gateway (HMI, PC, PLC web pages, and more). M2web establishes a secure HTTPS connection and allows remote access via:

  • HTTP for any device with an embedded web server. You can also access the Ewon device user interface and view locally hosted dashboards (like Viewon pages).
  • VNC for any HMI panel using VNC technology.
  • RDP for any Windows-based PC or controller.

View machine KPIs and alarms instantly

Effortlessly track your key machine KPIs and monitor alarms instantly. Select up to 6 KPIs per machine and enable alarm notifications with a single checkbox. Stay proactive in managing your machine's efficiency and respond promptly to alarms.

Choose preferred views for favorite machines & devices

Choose your favorite view (device, monitoring, map), easily filter machines, and save your preferred settings. Optimize your access by selecting the top 3 most used devices for each machine for quicker access.

No IT skills required

M2web works on any Internet-connected device with a web browser, featuring a responsive interface for seamless use on PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones. No software installation required; simply open M2web in your browser, log in with your Talk2m credentials, select the remote device, and you're connected!

Visualize machines on a world map

Easily access valuable insights using M2web's global map feature, which presents essential information in a clear and meaningful way. Instantly evaluate your machines' status directly on a world map.

Enable additional monitoring services

Provide customers with M2web access and offer additional monitoring services. Seamlessly integrate a login box into your website, enabling customers to access M2web directly from your site for a smooth experience. Personalize M2web to align with your brand through the Logo Program, ensuring the portal reflects your company's identity.

Try M2web for free

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M2web remote access demo

  • Get online with a PLC.
  • Access in 2 clicks to a HMI or IP camera from any device, even from your smartphone.
  • Get a taste of global connectivity with the highest security standard.
Find out for yourself why tens of thousands of clients rely on Ewon for their industrial remote access needs! 

M2web remote data demo

  • Get online with a PLC, access in 2 clicks to a HMI or IP camera. 
  • Get a taste of global connectivity with the highest security standard.
  • Proactively monitor machine KPIs and alarms.
  • Connect to local dashboards - from any web-browser.
Be more proactive thanks to Ewon machine data monitoring - Try it for free now!


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