Wireless technologies for the factory floor

Industrial wireless communication

Wireless is growing rapidly also for industrial applications. 8% of the installed new nodes in Factory Automation are wireless.


Wireless communication on factory floors

Wireless communication in harsh industrial environments and demanding applications is nothing new. Wireless has been around for more than 40 years using proprietary radios.

It has become more and more accepted on factory floors and in the last few years as standards like Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11), Bluetooth (IEEE 802.15.1), and Zigbee have become dominant.



Why wireless?

There are many reasons to go wireless:

  • Whenever applications are moving or turning
  • Bypassing long distances where cables are an issue
  • Eliminating expensive cable maintenance
  • Fast and easy installations and commissioning
  • Quick to modify
  • Increasing safety in hazardous areas (for instance, when needing to climb a crane)
  • Easy to integrate devices into a network
  • Offering flexible Human Interface Devices (HID)

5G is here

The 5G revolution has been waiting to happen and companies are now moving from proof-of-concepts to real-life production. Fast and reliable 5G communication in industrial sites open up new opportunities for mobility and flexibility.

HMS offers 5G routers to set up industrial 5G networks in your location.

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What is industrial wireless?

Industrial wireless solutions have other demands than your home Wi-Fi network. Connection robustness and speeds must be guaranteed at all times and the network is often used to run industrial protocols like PROFINET or EtherNet/IP and safety networks like PROFISAFE or FSoE.

What are the most common standards for industrial wireless?

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are commonly used in the industry and 5G is moving from proof-of-concept to production. Other communication standards include LoRa, WirelessHART and Zigbee are other standards.

Can you run safety networks over Wireless?

Yes, HMS has solutions to run PROFIsafe, CIP Safety and FSoE over Wireless. Anybus CompactCom and Ixxat Safe solutions make it possible.

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