Connecting Devices using 5G Technology

HMS is all about Connecting Devices™ - and at Hannover Messe 2019, we will showcase how we can do this with the latest cellular 5G technology.

Connecting Devices using 5G technology


HMS Networks is the global independent leader in solutions for industrial communication and IIoT. A frontrunner in connecting devices, machines and systems to industrial networks for over 30 years, we now present wireless 5G connectivity solutions, aligned with the visions of Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0. 

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5 Questions on 5G with Dr. Jens Jakobsen, HMS Labs Development Manager

Curious about 5G and what it means for the industry? Read the full article with Dr. Jens Jakobsen from HMS and learn about the benefits of 5G in the factory.

Demo Preview: Flexible Production and Next Generation Employee

The demo at the Sweden Co-Lab Pavillion, together with other leading companies such as Ericsson and ABB, integrates material handling and factory automation into one solution for smart manufacturing. HMS enables data connectivity and flexible control over cellular between all connected devices.

On-Demand Webinar: "The Benefits of 5G in The Factory"

Are you ready for the next industrial revolution? Learn about the benefits of 5G in creating the future, flexible factory in our featured webinar. Available on-demand now!

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More about 5G and the factory of the future...


The Benefit of 5G in the Factory

With the arrival of 5G technology, the manufacturing industry faces its biggest transformation yet. Safer, flexible and more efficient manufacturing systems will be possible thanks to the ultra-low-latency and reliability of 5G connectivity.

This enables continued automation of robots and warehouse transportation as well as cutting cables for true flexibility. In this whitepaper we describe the benefits of 5G in the factory and the impact on smart manufacturing.


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HMS Whitepaper - The Benefit of 5G in the Factory

Let us show you how 5G connectivity can improve your business.