Ready-made edge gateways — Hardware Meets Software

 How HMS realizes IIoT


Access OT machinery remotely 

Remote access with eWON Cosy

eWON Cosy: An industrial remote access router allowing you to remotely troubleshoot and program PLCs on the factory floor. Cosy is compatible with major PLC brands/protocols from: Rockwell, Siemens, Schneider Electric, ABB, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Omron, Vipa and many more...

  • View and control your remote HMIs
  • Connect to a web camera for assistance
  • Support field technicians for commissioning

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Collect data from OT machinery

Remote data with eWON Flexy — create value-added services

eWON Flexy: A programmable industrial router and data gateway allowing you to gather data from OT machinery, designed for OEMs and system integrators alike.

  • Open for integration with any IoT software
  • Gather time-stamped machine data for presentation online (alarms, KPI, consumption...)
  • Access your machines remotely
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Remotely manage OT machinery

Remote management with eWON Netbiter

eWON Netbiter: Monitor and control remote installations from the cloud, anytime, anyplace. Netbiter connects you to the ready-made Argos IoT platform, providing a wide ange of management tools at your fingertips.

  • Monitor equipment across multiple sites with dashboards, alarms, trend graphs, reports, and more
  • Start / stop remote equipment in the field — improve uptime, reduce maintenance trips
  • Connect instantly to Netbiter Argos or ThingWorx — or to any IoT platform using the API
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Connect factory IT/OT systems

IT/OT connectivity with Anybus .NET bridges

Get real-time data from industrial machinery on the factory-floor — presented to .NET-based IT applications. 

  • Transfer production KPIs from the floor into a real time tracking system
  • Send data from a custom-built PC systems into a production PLC
  • Transfer recipes from a .NET application on a Windows based IT-server to a PLC on the factory floor
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Give your machines a wireless access

Access machines wirelessly

Get live machine data for analysis and reporting. Integrate it into a SCADA system or IOT cloud platform.

Anybus Wireless Bolt: Award-winning wireless connector giving access via Bluetooth® or Wireless LAN (WLAN)

  • Mounted onto a cabinet or a machine and connects over Ethernet.
  • Same connector (2x9p;3,5 Plug Connector) for both power and communication
  • IP67 rated with a range of 100 meters
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Create a customized edge gateway

Leverage on certified hardware and software for your own IIoT solution.

OEM Toolbox: An open development platform that offers developers the possibility to create their own IIoT applications.

  • Includes a software (SDK) for the Linux environment of HMS gateways
  • Develop connectivity to IoT software such as ThingWorx, SAP, Microsoft Azure, Predix etc
  • Development services and help available through HMS Solution Centers
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IIoT cloud connectivity

HMS IIoT Cloud Platforms

Ready-made IIoT platforms proving complete remote access and management solutions for your connected equipment

Talk2M - Logo              netbiter-argos

Talk2M:  offers a highly reliable, efficient and secure solution for connecting to machines remotely. Program PLCs remotely. Monitor via your HMI, PC, IP Camera or web pages. More about Talk2M

Netbiter Argos: enables you to to visualize, monitor, manage and control your remote sites and equipment 24/7 with Dashboards, Alarms, Trend Graphs, Reports, and more.  More about Argos

3rd party IIoT Cloud Platforms

Connect to any of the leading IoT cloud platforms solutions on the market

IOT cloud platforms

IOT clouds: HMS hardware can provide connectivity to your IOT cloud platform of choice.

  • Direct connectivity to ThingWorx with the Netbiter LC-series edge gateways
  • Software connectivity to other IOT platforms on request

IIoT focus application areas 

Industrial segments where HMS products provide IIoT connectivity in today's applications

IIoT technologies and security 

OPC UA, MQTT, TSN and security protocols

Upcoming technologies driving IIoT and how we keep your data safe and secure

There are a number of technologies that will shape the future industrial communication landscape. Perhaps the strongest trend is that IP (Internet Protocol) will emerge as the main information carrier in tomorrow’s smart and interconnected industry. 

Furthermore, several new communication protocols will be used in parallel with existing networks. Here are some of the communication technologies that will shape the communication landscape of the future, and how HMS will support them. 

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Learn about the Star Security Certification for eWON Remote Solutions

IOT technologies and security