HMS Connects to PTC’s Thingworx

Check out the connected building application we built in conjunction with Tata Communication and PTC on the thingworx platform.


Hardware Meets Software™ in the Industrial Internet of Things

HMS enables the IIoT by providing a broad range of physical gateways that act as a bridge between systems.


Using Big Data to Improve your Business

Big Data can help you reach your customers faster, fix and learn from failures, and overall improve your business.

HMS technology can improve your visibility.

Data Visualization

Connectivity Solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things

What challenges are you facing?

HMS Industrial Networks specializes in liberating all of the data in an industrial system.
Our IIoT Solutions can help you unlock new data, have clear visibility, and minimize costs.







Liberate your Data

With access to your machine's data you can unlock new ways to review the quality of your products

  • Uncover product failures and deficiencies

  • Discover how your products are used

  • Ensure the quality of your products faster

Re-Visualize your Data

Questions about how HMS Industrial Networks realizes the Industrial Internet of Things?

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Our IIoT focus application areas 

Industrial segments where HMS products provide IIoT connectivity in today's applications

HMS Industrial Networks will create a customized solution to improve your company's productivity and operational costs.

Read more about how HMS Products makes Industrial IoT implementation simple.

IIoT Technologies and Security

Into the future

See how the Anybus CompactCom can make your products ready for the factory of the future.

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Industrial IoT Security

Protect your industrial systems with HMS Industrial Networks advanced security features and discover the best practices for securing your IoT Systems.

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eWON Remote Solutions- Star Certified

One of the key challenges with remote connections to industrial control systems is to ensure network security, integrity and reliability. Talk2M's secure environment was granted the STAR Security certification for ensuring the strongest security posture.

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Hardware Meets Software™

How HMS realizes IIoT

HMS enables the IIoT by providing a broad range of physical gateways including edge gateways
that act as a bridge between different systems.

Products To Liberate Your Data


Remote management of OT machinery


Collect data from OT machinery


Remote access to OT machinery

Wireless Bolt

Access machines wirelessly

Anybus.Net 2

IT/OT connectivity with bridges

OEM Toolbox

Create a customized edge gateway

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